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MS Camcorder (Powerpoint to avi fllw up)

Attempting to convert powerpoint to avi files I got some excellent advise of the set up and use of MS Camcorder (see my earlier post and the answer I got earlier this month in this section).
After completing the instructions, the avi file that was created would not run or rather the window was blank or black as the avi ran.  I know the record took - sort of - because then I pulled up the preview tab from a right click properties, I'm able to view the avi sequence.  Any thoughts on how to get the avi file produced in MS Camcorder to be normally viewable?
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Hi it's me again.

Which player are you using ?  (some have problems and there is a compatibility issue between NT and 95)

May I suggest if you want a self contained camcorder file which should work on all (?) systems try
1. Start CamCorder
2. File/Open the AVI into Camcorder
3. File/Create Standalone Movie in Camcorder - you can then create an EXE which includes the player

If this is no help, maybe you could post a few more details about what you're using to playback.

wmsAuthor Commented:
The player I'm using is MS ActiveMovie 2.0  Is the another player/editor that you'd recommend?
Well the best player for Camcorder AVI is Camcorder itself.

You can set this up in Explorer by starting Windows Explorer
1. View/Folder Options menu
2. File Types tab
3. Then use Remove/Edit buttons to associate AVI files with MSCAM.EXE
This will make Camcorder the default player for AVI files.

Is this any help ?
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wmsAuthor Commented:
Thanks Answers 2000,

Your advise is very helpful, well thought and worded!  
Your explanations have allowed me to load the avi file into the program (Top Producer).
A new issue has arisen.  The avi file is a copy of  PowerPoint presentation that filled the entire screen.  Is there a way to convert/shrink the avi presentation to half screen or smaller.  The Top Producer program does not have the ability to configure the avi presentation to a smaller/usable size.  Is there a way to get the avi file to run at half size or less?


Well Camcorder doesn't have the ability to size the video.  Some players do (for playback only) but this won't help you as it won't alter the original file.

The cheap solution is to re-record the original AVI at a different screen solution (if you video card supports this).  You can set the screen res:
1. Right click on the windows background (outside any windows, away from all icons)
2. Click Properties on the popup menu
3. Go to "Settings" tab.  To change the screen res
Now rerecord at a different res (e.g. 640X480 might be "small" enough for you if you normally work at a higher res).  I would suggest not changing the number of colors or you may have playback problems, but a bit of experiment should help you find if you do.
Actually this is actually the best solution if you can do it, as it will produce the best quality results (no distortion from resizing).

If this isn't enough (you can't switch screen res on your monitor/video card, or you always work in a low resolution) you should obtain video editing software, and this will let you mess around with AVIs to your heart's content, save the AVI and then load into whatever program you want.

Adobe Premiere 5.0 is one of the top programs, details at
should do the job

There's a review of some video s/w in Sept 1998 issue of PC World (page 246 or so)
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