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Server has deteceted a network error..2012

Posted on 1998-08-27
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-23
All was well until I installed a HP 4000 printer. That caused LPT1 not to be available. A solution was offered via experts exchange that fixed the problem, ie rename hpdcmon.dll as hpdcmon.xxx ...........

I now discover (via event log) that AT SAME time I installed HP4000, I then lost the network, ie every boot up results in Event Log Message "Server has encountered a Network error 2012".

It seems significant that both probelms occured at same time.

Any solutions (other than reinstalling NT4.0 s/w??

Question by:grh

Expert Comment

ID: 1561262
Are you linking to a SNA server??
If so, look at http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q134/9/05.asp


Expert Comment

ID: 1561263
If you are using a Token Ring Adapter, check this article out Q125218.
Good luck..


Accepted Solution

theh95 earned 300 total points
ID: 1561264
The registered ports are not controlled by the IANA and on most systems can be used by user processes or programs. Registered ports between 1024 and 5000 are also referred to as the ephemeral ports. Although the IANA cannot control uses of these ports, it does register or list uses of these ports as a convenience to the TCP/IP community. To the extent possible, these same port assignments are used with UDP. The registered ports are in the range 1024 – 65535.
This list specifies the port used by the Windows NT Server and Windows NT Workstation server process as its contact port for services and third-party software.
Note   Programs that use Remote Procedure Call (RPC) to communicate can randomly select a registered port above 1024.
Table B.2    Port Assignments for Registered Ports
Decimal      Keyword      Description

1024            Reserved
1025/tcp, udp      blackjack      Network blackjack
1109/tcp      kpop      Pop with Kerberos
1167/udp      phone      
1248/tcp, udp      hermes      
1347/tcp, udp      bbn-mmc      Multimedia conferencing
1348/tcp, udp      bbn-mmx      Multimedia conferencing
1349/tcp, udp      sbook      Registration Network Protocol
1350/tcp, udp      editbench      Registration Network Protocol
1351/tcp, udp      equationbuilder      Digital Tool Works (MIT)
1352/tcp, udp      lotusnote      Lotus Note
1512/tcp, udp      WINS      Reserved for future use for Microsoft Windows Internet Name Service
1524/tcp, udp      ingreslock      Ingres
1525/tcp, udp      orasrv      Oracle
1525/tcp, udp      prospero-np      Prospero nonprivileged
1527/tcp, udp      tlisrv      Oracle
1529/tcp, udp      coauthor      Oracle
1600/tcp, udp      issd      
1650/tcp, udp      nkd      
1666/udp      maze      
2000/tcp, udp      callbook      
2001/tcp       dc      
2001/udp      wizard      Curry
2002/tcp, udp      globe      
2004/tcp       mailbox      
2004/udp      emce      CCWS mm conf
2005/tcp       berknet      
2005/udp      oracle      
2006/tcp       invokator      
2006/udp      raid-cc      RAID
2007/tcp       dectalk      
2007/udp      raid-am      
2008/tcp       conf      
2008/udp      terminaldb      
2009/tcp       news      
2009/udp      whosockami      
2010/tcp       search      
2010/udp      pipe_server      
2011/tcp      raid-cc      RAID
2011/udp      servserv      
2012/tcp      ttyinfo      
2012/udp      raid-ac      
2013/tcp      raid-am      
2013/udp      raid-cd      
2014/tcp      troff      
2014/udp      raid-sf      
2015/tcp      cypress      
2015/udp      raid-cs      
2016/tcp, udp      bootserver      
2017/tcp      cypress-stat      
2017/udp      bootclient      
2018/tcp      terminaldb      
2018/udp      rellpack      
2019/tcp      whosockami      
2019/udp      about      
2020/tcp, udp      xinupageserver      
2021/tcp      servexec      
2021/udp      xinuexpansion1      
2022/tcp      down      
2022/udp      xinuexpansion2      
2023/tcp, udp      xinuexpansion3      
2024/tcp, udp      xinuexpansion4      
2025/tcp      ellpack      
2025/udp      xribs      
2026/tcp, udp      scrabble      
2027/tcp, udp      shadowserver      
2028/tcp, udp      submitserver      
2030/tcp, udp      device2      
2032/tcp, udp      blackboard      
2033/tcp, udp      glogger      
2034/tcp, udp      scoremgr      
2035/tcp, udp      imsldoc      
2038/tcp, udp      objectmanager      
2040/tcp, udp      lam      
2041/tcp, udp      interbase      
2042/tcp, udp      isis      
2043/tcp, udp      isis-bcast      
2044/tcp, udp      rimsl      
2045/tcp, udp      cdfunc      
2046/tcp, udp      sdfunc      
2047/tcp, udp      dls      
2048/tcp, udp      dls-monitor      
2049/tcp, udp      shilp      Sun NFS
2053/tcp      knetd      Kerberos de-multiplexer
2105/tcp      eklogin      Kerberos encrypted rlogon
2784/tcp, udp      www-dev      World Wide Web - development
3049/tcp, udp      NSWS      
4672/tcp, udp      rfa      Remote file access server
5000/tcp, udp      commplex-main      
5001/tcp, udp      commplex-link      
5002/tcp, udp      rfe      Radio Free Ethernet
5145/tcp, udp      rmonitor_secure      
5236/tcp, udp      padl2sim      
5555/tcp      rmt      Rmtd
5556/tcp      mtb      Mtbd (mtb backup)
6111/tcp, udp      sub-process      HP SoftBench Sub-Process Control
6558/tcp, udp      xdsxdm      
7000/tcp, udp      afs3-fileserver      File server itself
7001/tcp, udp      afs3-callback      Callbacks to cache managers
7002/tcp, udp      afs3-prserver      Users and groups database
7003/tcp, udp      afs3-vlserver      Volume location database
7004/tcp, udp      afs3-kaserver      AFS/Kerberos authentication service
7005/tcp, udp      afs3-volser      Volume management server
7006/tcp, udp      afs3-errors      Error interpretation service
7007/tcp, udp      afs3-bos      Basic overseer process
7008/tcp, udp      afs3-update      Server-to-server updater
7009/tcp, udp      afs3-rmtsys      Remote cache manager service
9535/tcp, udp      man      Remote man server
9536/tcp      w      
9537/tcp      mantst      Remote man server, testing
10000/tcp      bnews      
10000/udp      rscs0      
10001/tcp      queue      
10001/udp      rscs1      
10002/tcp      poker      
10002/udp      rscs2      
10003/tcp      gateway      
10003/udp      rscs3      
10004/tcp      remp      
10004/udp      rscs4      
10005/udp      rscs5      
10006/udp      rscs6      
10007/udp      rscs7      
10008/udp      rscs8      
10009/udp      rscs9      
10010/udp      rscsa      
10011/udp      rscsb      
10012/tcp      qmaster      
10012/udp      qmaster      
17007/tcp, udp      isode-dua      



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