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we have a Java applet that needs to initiate a 128 bit secure link to a Netscape server in order to post confidential information. We do not want to set up the secure link unless we have to since the remainder of the applet does not need the security but does need the speed. - any ideas?
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arbitraryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is extremely easy .
if your browser is capable of 128bit secured linkage ,
then your applet is as well ,
say I have a CGI on an website  server marked as SSL
instead of opening URL of "http://mycgidom.dom.com/isSecure.cgi?"
call "http://mycgidom.dom.com/isSecure.cgi?".
and set the security on the server .
the client doesn't need to change anything since the actual socket is being opened by the browser ,
unless you wanna open the SSL 553 port by yourself
which will enforce you of using a package like JCE .....

If you need the secure link to transmit a lots of data, you shouldn't use the non-symmetrical SSL, because it's very slow.
You can use non-symmetrical SSL to exchange a  pair  of symmetrical keys first, and use the symmetrical keys to transmit the big data.
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