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CGI on NT - Who uses it ?

Answers2000 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-25
I'd like to know what percentage (or number) of people use CGI on Windows NT.  So:

1. If you know of a survey or similar which has this info post as an answer and you get the points


2. If you use NT and do or don't use CGI then post a comment telling me whether you do or don't, and if you do what web server.  If all comments are of this type, I'll toss a coin to decide who to give the points

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Hello Ans.

About 2, i do use CGI on NT4.0(ws) with Netscape FastTrack3.01.
I usually write them in Delphi/OOP, sometimes in C.

What is this for... just curious.



Thanks for replying Julio.

regarding "What is this for..." - I have written some utilities for creating GIF, JPG, and PNG files from the command line (i.e. you can draw on to them using Perl, C or even batch files by simply running the utility).  I wonder if this utility has any use to anybody but me.

We run a website on NT with IIS 4. We use a whole pile of perl-based cgi scripts for an assortment of uses from ad banners to customer databases. We mainly use cgi instead of ASP because our web site was originally on a UNIX box, and it was easier to just keep the scripts as is.

Our scripts are working quite fine, thnk you very much. Sooner or later however, I'm going to teach myself how to use ASP. Either that, or I'm going to figure out how to load my perl scripts into a Perl for ISAPI module in order to ease some of the load (which isn't much) on our servers.

Hi, we do some development using NT 4 and IIS, but in general out scripts are database related.


Bonev - do you use CGI though ?  If you let me know you're be eligible for the "coin toss" points as stated in my original Q.

Don't worry I won't try and sell you anything.  I just want to know whether people do use CGI on NT or use alternative technologies like IDC, ASP or whatever.

Answers2000, yes we do. Currently I am working on a CGI script for access to web server hosted data base using MSVC++ 5.0.
Another guy in the company is writing CGI scripts for data extraction and conversion, again MSVC++ 5.0.


Thanks all, anybody else keep coming.

Assuming no definite answer before then, I'll toss the coin probably on Wednesday.  I'm going off line for a while at the end of the week, so allowing for timezone differents, whoever might win the toss should lock the question ASAP after that.


Tossed the coin - Julio wins.

Julio, Lock the question ASAP, and I'll try and give you the pts before I go offline for a while
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Looking forward to hearing from you, but I will be off the net (from real soon) for couple of weeks
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