script for playing music


i have seen web sites that randomly play a sound file stored on the server.  Can anyone provide me with a script or something that would let me do that!  Thanks.

Please explain how the script works as well.  I am curious.
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Answer coming...

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Here is the script you requested.  Just copy and paste into your web

nummidi = 10
day = new Date()
z = day.getTime()
y = (z-(parseInt(z/1000,10)*1000))/10
x = parseInt(y/100*nummidi,10)+1
if (x == (1))
if (x == (2))
if (x == (3))
if (x == (4))
if (x == (5))
if (x == (6))
if (x == (7))
if (x == (8))
if (x == (9))
if (x == (10))

document.write(‘<p><EMBED SRC= ‘  + midi +  ‘ AUTOSTART=”TRUE”

To use it, simply replace the names of the midi files with the ones you want.  Make sure the numidi = 10 line equals the number of midis you have below it.  Those are the only things you need to know to use it.

If you want to see its implementation, visit:
and make sure your speakers are on.  Hopefully you like more-or-less classical music :)

Have fun!

If you have any questions, please ask!
To be honest, I'm not entirely sure how it works, I got it from a friend of mine who works on web pages a lot.  I just did what he told me to do and it worked!
noproAuthor Commented:
Thanks, the script does exactly what I want it too!  I like this Experts-Exchange!
noproAuthor Commented:
Thanks, the script does exactly what I want it too!  I like this Experts-Exchange!
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