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Make win98 run params on a link (300 points possible)

thedark asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-28
I want to make windows open a link with a dialog box.. ie i have a link on my desktop for ping.exe and i want to be able to open the said link and have it prompt me for user input and i key in the IP to ping and it pings it.. i've seen it done before so i know its possible, but i just dont recall how.  

If i gets an answer within the next hour or so i'll up the points to 200 just because i'm a nice guy.  Within the next half hour and its 300.  :)
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   Would you settle for a utility that does this for you?  If so, check this out:

A convenient way to access your TCP/IP commands. You can PING (on command or based on time intervals of your selection), Telnet, TraceRoute, NetStat, and get your IP configuration. It can also be fully operated from the Start Bar Tray. Ping Plus works great as a Keep-Alive for ISP connections! It also works well if you are an administrator of a network, and would like to keep a database of IP addresses matching all of your users, and be able to ping any one of them with the click of a button (instead of manually having to type PING Address each time). Requires the VB 5.0 Runtimes.

you can find this utility and many more at


Sorry, i appreciate the try but i'm interested in it for more reasons than simple pings.. :)
Knowledge of the parameter would be a big benefit in many of the apps i use here at work.

I feel generous, if someone answers my question before 6pm today (PST) i'll do the 300 points thing.. If i have an answer between 6pm and 8am this evening i'll do 225... ya'll got one hour to get 300 points :)


   Are you sure that individual didn't use a utility to do as you ask?  What is it that you are trying to do anyway?


I'm 99% sure it wasnt a utility...

As for what im trying to do, the main item is ping.  When i add a new subnet i need to ping to find a free ip on the net... i end up doing (window)+R to run and then key in ping blah blah.. i'd like to simplify that.  However theres several apps we have that also use parameters and the proper command line trick wou l dmake my life easier.

Why dot you just write a batch file?  or a simple C++/Pascal program that runs in DOS?

Have you tried using DipStick? Freeware which allows you to ping several IPs simultaneously, gives you feedback on the speed, and you can drag/drop a link into the window to add the IP to the list...

If the utility itself doesn't work for you, the developer might be willing/able to help. His name is Michael Krelin and you can find him and Dipstick at http://www.klever.net/


OOPS! Almost forgot! The latest version allows you to right-click the dipstick window and import a whole list of links to be pinged in one swell foop!


Make a shortcut to ping.exe, now right click the shortcut. In
front of the path of the program add a space and a question mark.
I have tried that this works with edit.com and some other DOS
programs. This will ask you to enter the parameter. Tell me if this works for you.

   My utility suggestion still holds.  :)


You can have it! I just want to see this user get what he needs. Grow up!



   Where did that remark come from?  I noticed that The is not having much success and i don't think Varun's answer will work, so i just reminded The of my original answer.  Think of all the trouble we get into when we misconstrue remarks.  :)

Forgive me, I'm getting a little testy. Your comment was probably interpreted more by my mood than by your purpose. It seems there's way too much competitiveness on the boards these days. We both suggested the same solution, just different apps.

I think we agree that there are better wheels that have already been invented...

BTW, check the lounge before the end of the weekend. I just discovered something that I hope will cause a lot of experts to rethink their quick solutions. Been working on one for the past 12 hours (had it almost done in this little text box when the power blew in our neighborhood [hot day, lots of fans]). Almost finished again when I discovered something that will make it a long weekend for the user...

Again, I am sorry for that remark.



   I think competition is good for the soul.  What do you plan on doing in the lounge?


Varun: Sorry, tried it and no go.  

As for the rest of yous, less fight more solve!  <g>

One thing that REALLY pisses me off is that people will come and answer a question without reading the history.  I see it a lot on the high point questions.. someone asks how do you do the DIR command and everyone gives the easy answer of TYPE DIR and yet the second comment down says he doesnt use DOS.  (Example, of course)

Just thought i'd share that since i know we'll see it again.. someone else will suggest a program for ping'ing and ping isnt the only reason i want this.. :)
Got it. My solution works but only with PIF files. Let me think of another solution.
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That would be it... thanks

Varun: You answered it partially but didnt specify it had to be a PIF file.. but since you did get it somewhat i'll post a 75 point question for you in this catagory if you'd be so kind as to answer it.

Thanks to everyone who helped.
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