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Okidata Printers:  Worth the $$$?

dankh asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-04

   I just want some general opinions and experiences from anyone who uses an Okidata printer.  I wonder if anyone has used one and, if so, was it worth the money or did you have many problems with it?  I plan to use it with a NT box.

I am interested in getting a laser printer (or laser class) and i have narrowed it down to the Nec Superscript 870 or the Okidata 6e.  The Superscript wins performance wise (marginally), however it costs $100 more than the Okidata.  I could live with the Okidata, but i am uncertain of its reputation.

Any input will be greatly appreciated.  
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I have a couple of clients with the Okidata's and if they had to do it all over again the would go with another brand.  Okidata rep is with the dotmatrix class of printers.  I would spend the extra money in this case.



    Thanks for the info.  Could you tell me about some of the problems they had?  
Hard to setup, and change the setting on.  The toner cartridge is very expensive compared to other brands.  Driver problems in Windows 98 that cause the PC to lock up when trying to print.  



   I took a look at the toner prices for the Okidata 6e and compared it with the Nec Superscript--and it is not more expensive.  In fact, it is a third of the cost of Nec's.  

I appreciate your advice; however i am looking for comments not solutions.  Being that this is worth 0 points, i am sure you don't mind.  :)
I have installed both an OKI and an NEC Superscript recently, the superscript was a good buy on a 95 machine but I only installed the drivers not the printer status gubbins.
The OKI is still not working properly under 95 and not at all under NT. Avoid it like the plague (it was an OKI pagelaser4000 I think)

I've had many troubles with the Okidata 400 series of laser printers (slow, constant jamming, the paper tray doesn't sit evenly).  Their dot matrix printers seem ok, though. . .
You will find a comparitive test at
It includes the Okidata and an earlier Nec, as well as a number of others.  While I realise that you are probably wanting real life opinions/experiences you may find this of interest.




 Ok, i have made up my mind:  i am going to buy the Okidata printer.  Although i agree with the Superscripts' superiority, i like the price tag on the Okidata better.  I think the Okidata will perform slightly below that of NECs laser printer, but that is why i am going to pay $100 less for it. :)Since no one warned me with great passion against the Okidata, i am going to assume it is a decent printer.  Thanks to everyone for their help.  Whoever reads this first, please post an answer so i can close this question.
In my opinion you are making a mistake but it is your money and I wish you the very best of luck with your choice.
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    I bought the Okidata, and you are right:  it is a piece of crap.  I had problems with it from the start.

1) Installing their drivers was a very bad experience.  The machine would sit still (no messages whatsoever) about 90% into the installation.  I thought the program had crashed so i terminated the setup.  I called tech support only to find out that i should just wait for the machine to respond.  Well, that wait was around 8-10 minutes!  I never had to wait so long for a damn driver to install!!

2) After the driver was installed, my print jobs would spike the CPU up to 100% usage for fractions of a second throughout the print.  This caused my computer to momentarily lock up whatever i was doing continuously during a print job.  That irritated the hell out of me (i love to multi-task).  

3)  I called tech support and they told me to stop using the 'prescribed' driver and software program for NT.  Instead, use the generic PCL drivers.  Well, the PCL worked better, but i lost all control over my printers options (i.e. powersave, etc.).  That irritated me greatly!  And to add insult to injury, every time i booted with the PCL driver and the printer was off, i would receive a 'can't initiate printer' error message.

I finally returned that rogue device and bought an NEC Superscript.  I will NEVER buy anything from Okidata again.  

Interestingly enough, when i returned the printer the sales clerk just looked at the printer and proceeded with the return without even asking me why i choose to return it.  I believe he was accustomed to seeing Okidata printers coming back into the store.  
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