Making a true EXE file

i have VB5. how do i make a TRUE exe, not needing any DLLs
what so ever?
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msiman:  get a grip!

you just had a bunch of people tell you the way it is.  they are not wrong!  They are just telling you the way it is.

see for yourself:  make a simple exe, one that only displays a form.  compile it.  take it to a clean machine (one that has NEVER had anything to do with VB (even better, one with a clean install of windows on it, no other software)) and try running your EXE.  Won't work.  As cip said, there are many routines that are required by your EXE in MSVB5VM.DLL.

If you really think about it, there has/was almost NEVER a stand-alone EXE.  Almost every EXE had to at lease use DOS interrupts for disk I/O, video, memory allocation and what-not, and would not run on a machine without any OS--which would be the truest definition of a clean EXE.

Is the definition of a 'TRUE' exe one that doesn't have any dependencies on dll's?  If so, then there arent any such .exe on windows since *every* .exe uses one DLL or another (kernel32.dll, C runtime, etc.)

If you are talking about not needed any of the VB5 runtime support DLL's then I don't know.  Why do you need to do this?

-- George

You cannot make a "true" exe (without the VB runtime).
But then even C++ needs runtimes these days.  :)
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Sometimes it would be nice to include everything in the same exe, but VB and windows does not do this.
It is impossible.  Visual Basic is like java where it requires the Visual Basic Virtual Machine in order to work.  I wish it did not, but there is no alternative.
Try any C program .
NOT C++.

Just old plain C.

You can do a lot with C.

There is one thing you give ::: GUI.

msimanAuthor Commented:
All your answers are wrong.
i realize that even C++ needs Windows' DLLs in order to work,
but these are standard DLLs, and its ok.
i want to create an EXE file from VB that won't need
any SPECIAL runtime such as VBRUNXXX.DLL etc.
i want to create an EXE just as C++ makes.

You cannot make a completely independent .EXE file with Visual Basic 5.0. Even by not using database objects and compiling to native code, the final application will always need at least the visual basic virtual machine DLL (MSVB5VM.DLL).

You will need C, C++ or Borland Delphi.
msimanAuthor Commented:
I appreciate all your answer, but i think you're wrong
the main achivment of VB5 is the ability to make
pure EXE (as pure as windows let you...)
MSVB5VM.DLL contains many important VB functionalities (such as the code to manage forms), and even if the application is not compiled to p-code (then the DLL would have be there to interpret the code line by line), it will always be required. Take a look at the Microsoft knowledge base article Q169979 (Visual Basic 5.0 FAQ), the first Q&A will answer your question.

However, although this is certainly true when talking about a VB application, I'm not completely sure that the same principle applies to ActiveX components.
msimanAuthor Commented:
your answer interests me,
what  about p-code? what is the alternative?
waht does it mean?
i think you are very close...
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