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Modem access messes up keyboard

billcav asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-28
When I'm doing a big download I have keyboard problems. It looks like there's an interrupt conflict, but the Device Manager thinks everything's fine.

I upgraded to Win98, but that didn't change it.

I'm posting this in both the Win95 and Win98 forums. If you think you know the answer in one forum, don't be afraid to go to the other forum and post your answer for more points! :)
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What problem do you face. The keyboard stops responding intermittently or something like that.
Please try explaining with an example.


As I'm typing, it drops characters, and sometimes it's like the SHIFT key gets stuck, even if I haven't hit it.

Try the following: remove the keyboard from the device manager. Now reboot. Does it act properly know.
If it doesn't get a keyboard (in proper working condition) form one of your friends. Try it and if that works there may be a problem with your keyboard.
Also check if it is connected properly to the computer. No loose connections?


  The problem might not be with your modem, i think it might lay with your browser.  Sometimes my keyboard acts funny when i am at a web page full of java scripts and stuff.  Try reinstalling your browser to correct the problem--also, make sure the defaults are set for your browser.

Tell me how this works.


Ok, to clarify...

I've used the keyboard for hours without a problem when I'm NOT doing a download. I'll try removing it and having it re-detected, but I doubt that's the problem.

It has nothing to do with the web or the browser. It happens during an ftp transfer or downloading binaries using nntp.

A few more possibilities:

Check CMOS for something like 'KEYBOARD CLOCK',or if not there,'ISA BUS SPEED',set to lowest value.

Disable TYPAMATIC RATE in CMOS if exists.

If it's a PS/2 keyboard,force the modem to another IRQ - the IRQ handling circuitry on motherboards/io cards can go defective in such a way as to 'siamese' 2 IRQs.


sorry for the delay. this is NOT the answer. the best guess anybody's had so far is to remove the offending devices and redetect them, which I already knew. I'm dropping the points on this and people can discuss it if they want.


hmm... can't drop the points. weird. now, THAT'S a feature we should see. :)

Your computer's BIOS may be "saving" the 'ESCD' (Plug-and-Play)
settings.  Thus, a "delete" and "install new hardware" may be
ineffective.  Does the BIOS have an option to 'force ESCD updating' ??
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I have a feeling this is just gonna drag on... I'm going to probably scrape it clean to the bare wood and install win98, etc on a newly-formatted drive.

All of the suggestions so far have been good, and all of them have been things I've already tried (did I mention I've been around the wintel block a few times? :) and none of them worked.

So far Ryan's answer has been the most comprehensive and deepest, so I'm going to accept it.
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