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dockable window?

sidjey asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2011-09-20
I would like to create a dockable window like in visual basic environnement. How can I do this?
I've two forms load (form1 and form2).(Form2.left=form1.left+form1.width and form2.top=form1.top)
Thanks a lot
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Test for positioning of form1 relative to form2. If it is within the HOT area (Form2.left <= (form1.left+form1.width+HOTAREA) ) then snap it to posisition. That would give look and feel. You would want to test for this on mousemove events, or buttonup events. If you need more, let me know, but this should do it for you.


I know that, but it isn't exactly that i would like to do. I would like that my form2 become "dockable" to my form1 and the left 3d borders (form2) and the right 3 borders (form1) disappear (try to move a toolbar in vbIDE and "attach" to another toolbar, you'll seen that i want to do). Do you know how can I do this?
Sorry for my english.
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This is done in a MDI form enviroment, You need to set things up as redbaron said, then you need some controlarray panels, you set these panels at the dock sized for the form, then place the form on the top of the panel, the panel then becomes the controls the resize events with the form, or draging the panel sides.  The form has to be changed to (I belive) a flat border toolbar MDI child, , which needs an API call:
SetWindowLong(hWnd&, GWL_STYLE, value&)
, since the VB property is read only. I am a little unsure about how to do this final bit, which is sort of the whole point of the operation. So, I'll leave this as a comment until I have got it working, or someone else posts the solution, meanwhile, good hunting

Woop, sorry Shchuka, I didn't refresh, Still there is a problem with this, you will loose the toolbar at the top of the form, still, a simpler and neater solution.


Thanks a lot. But how can I use standard drag-and-drop to "unsnap" the panel and SetParent it back onto the form2 ?

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