ess data-fax-voice driver wanted

I just got this card from a friend and I would like someone to email or tell me where to get the driver for this modem.
It's a "ess data fax voice" modem.

My email address is

Thanks in advanced.

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jimskinnerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try downloading the driver from

Do you have the exact model # of the modem, I found several drivers for ess modems, but need to know the exact model to point you in the proper direction. Also for which Os are you using?

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mmyeungAuthor Commented:
Thanks Mattcei, but there is none that I can find in that site.


My modem is a 56k intern modem. I don't know the exact Modem besides it's a data-fax-voice. Thanks in advanced.


Perhaps, it needs no "drivers" at all.
Most "modern" modems (except for the US Robotics "Winmodem")
are "pure" hardware, and also support "plug-and-play".
You just plug it in, and Windows uses P-n-P to "detect" it.
mmyeungAuthor Commented:
Hi Otta, Wayne and Mattcei;

Thanks for all you responses. I've finally found the site for the driver. Just to let you guys know. The site is

Thanks again guys,

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