Displaying special characters

Hi, I want to display the word "Astralie", with the e as
alt 0137, as a button's caption. But everytime I try this the
program shows the e as an black box. How can I solve this problem?
Thanks in advance,
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viktornetConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To display a special character follow this....

If you have the characters viewer that comes with Windows installed, open it and see the cahracter that you want to use....Take a look at the font that it uses ...click on the chracter and see what number it is ex. Alt 0137

Next do this...
//This is an example.....you already saw the font's name from the char viewer and now place it here...

Button1.Font.Name := 'Symbol';
Button1.Caption := #227;//This would show you the Copyright symbol

Viktor Ivanov
? I don't have any problems.... do you use a font which allows this? ..
pentvipAuthor Commented:
Maybe that is the problem. With which fond do I know for sure that
it will display the character?

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