Converting GIFs to AVIs

What is the easiest way to convert animated GIFs into AVIs ?.
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AOLVB5ProggerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I can send you my GIF CONSTUCTION SET, it is registered and can convert movies to gifs, and gifs to movies!
Are you looking for a "free" solution or are you willing to pay for an tool designeed to do that very thing?
If You Using GIF Construction... GIF CONSTRUCTION can only change AVI to GIF!!
jamikeAuthor Commented:
Possibly a free tool that can do the conversion of animated GIFs to AVIs.

Or if possible I would prefer code (free) that would allow the animated GIFs to run on a form...similar to the shareware tool 'ANGIF', but without all the options to stretch,shrink etc, the GIF.
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