Only = to part of the text


What I am trying to do is that if a part of the text is equal to the string then run the procedure. Right no the text box has to equal = "PORT  1 MAT  123         POINT  5 FAIL ALM LVL D" .  I just want everyhting that has FAIL ALM LVL D to react to this regardless of what is in front of it.  The [text] = " *FAIL ALM LVL D"  does not work for me.  Can anyone help??

Private Sub Form_Current()
On Error GoTo Err_Form_Current
    If [Check28] = False Then                                                           'checks if the alarm seen button is checked
            If [Text7] = "PORT  1 MAT  123         POINT  5 FAIL ALM LVL D  " Then      'if the text value = an alarm then continue
             Dim Counter As Integer
                Do While Counter < 200                      ' Inner loop runs 200 times
                Counter = Counter + 1                       ' Increment Counter.
                 [lblAlarmNotification].Visible = True      ' sets the alarm notification text box to visible
                 [lblAlarmNotification].ForeColor = 255     ' changes color of box to red
                 DoCmd.Beep                                 ' computer speaker beeps
                 btn_timer_stop_Click                       ' runs the timer stop button and freezes the record.
            [lblAlarmNotification].Visible = False          ' if the alarm doesn't exist the not visible
        End If
        End If
    Exit Sub
    MsgBox Err.Description
    Resume Exit_Form_Current
End Sub
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BergJCConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this:

Goodstring = "FAIL ALM LVL D"
For x = 1 To (Len(Text7) - (Len(Goodstring) - 1))
    If Mid$(Text7, x, Len(Goodstring)) = Goodstring Then
        'do code
    End If
This aproach is  better

Goodstring = "FAIL ALM LVL D"
if right(Text7, Len(Goodstring)) = Goodstring Then
        'do code
End If

That's a waste! How about simply...
     Goodstring = "FAIL ALM LVL D"
     If InStr(Text7.Text, Goodstring) then
         'do code

NelmarcasAuthor Commented:
Hey they all work well, afterall  BerJC answered it first,  thanks for the great answers.

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