ROUND in SQL query

In a SQL query, I use the ROUND function  to round a double type field with n decimals. The problem is that it rounds to the closiest even number, and I'd like to round to  the closiest integer !
For example : ROUND(1.5 , 0) ==> 2
                      ROUND(2.5 , 0) ==> 2

I want : MyFunction(1.5, 0) ==> 2
             MyFunction(2.5, 0) ==> 3

Same thing with n decimals
(I have a solution in ACCESS but not in SQL-SERVER and ORACLE: under ACCESS it is like that :
...SET amount =  fix(amount*rate*10^NbDecimals+0.5)/10^NbDecimals

Thank you for help.
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Ok, Thanks.... I repost my 'note' again.

In my SQL Server 6.5, i got
ROUND(2.5 , 0) ==> 3
In my SQL Server 6.5, i got

ROUND(2.5 , 0) ==> 3
gosselinAuthor Commented:
Your are rigth. This result is obtain with the CLng function of ACCESS, I was completly wrong. So there is no question any more.

Thank you very much
How can I give you the points ?

You r welcomed.
Keep it...
Delete the question...
You really deserve the points treshold.

Its the little things like this that can really
eat one's time away. And with hindsight it is
oh so simple :-)

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