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NEC Postscript 860 printer

wshen13 asked
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Last Modified: 2008-10-12
My printer does not work with window 98
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Have you tried the lastest drivers (v2.0) from NEC? ftp.nec.com/pub/tech/


I tried the version driver you mentioned.  It did not work

What do you mean by "It did not work"?  Did you get an error message?  Did nothing happen after you chose Print?  Any lights flashing?  How many MB of RAM do you have?

You need to provide more information.

--MikroData (jkjung)


I have a Pentium II 255 Mhz, with 32 RAMs.  The following is what I did.
I downloanded Ss860v20.exe from the internet, unzipped it, and clicked on the Install button.  Everything went smoothly.  I also printed the test page and it worked.  However, when I tried to print an Ecvel spread sheet, all lights on the printer started flashing in sequence, including the error light.  Then it only prints a gray bar of about one to two inches.  The lights eventually stop flashing and the message bar on the computer eventually shows the ready signal and then finally the sleep mode. (which it is currently showing right now.

A NEC SuperScript 860 printer ( 8 ppm B&W printer ) is a good qualy for a low price Windows ONLY printer.
The printer SHOULD come with a CD that contains a driver { even thogh that it is a fully PNP printer... but hay what can we do PNPray dont always work hu... ;) }
the CD also contains 78 font, clipart collection and few program including printing managing programs...
My recommendation is to delete the installed driver, reboot the computer and let the Win98 detect the printer, then folow the instructions to install the driver once again.
Even if you have the Ss860V20.exe driver file, it could be somewat corrupt,
so I addivse to download the file from the URL : http://www.nec.com/cgi-bin/showproduct.exe?product=drivers&modelnum=NEC+Printer+Files#860
When installing mark the printer as your default printer.
Let me know if you had any problems.
Good luck,


ACScomm's proposed answer did not work.


Has anybody else had this problem?

Does the Excel spreadsheet have color on it?  If you're using Office 97, update it with its Service Pack 1.

I hope this helps.

--MikroData (jkjung)
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Hello?...Anyone home?...What was the solution?????


The 860 is not a PostScript Printer, it uses Adobe PrintGear. It also is not a Windows ONLY printer. It has an interpreter on the controller board, it not not a host based printer.
Make sure you uninstalled V.1.0 first by double clicking Uninstall in the Program Group ... or ... from Run, type in  unins860    then hit Enter. Do a Standard Uninstall. Then load up V.2.0 Make sure you are using an I EEE 1284 cable that is less than 10' long. If you do not have a direct hookup from the PC to the printer, do a custom install and remove the check mark from the Status Monitor box when you install V.2.0. This is a polling device that does not operate well through a switchbox or other peripherals. Make sure in the BIOS, you parallel port mode is set to EPP or PS/2 Bi-Di, do NOT use ECP. Go to Find, Files or Folders, search your C: drive for drvwppqt.vxd, if it is loaded and you do not have a SeaGate tape backup drive, change the extension from .vxd  to .old. Reboot PC.
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