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How can I compile the JDK to make a executable file?
can JDK make executable file for Java program? I try all the prgram files in JDK to make a executable file, how ever I can only run Java program/applet in java.exe and appletview.
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mjenkinsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Raise the points to at least 50 and maybe (s)he'll answer you.
It won't be the same file for all worlds.
On PC you can make an exe with, for exemple, Symantec Café.
But it won't be portable (and not much better in performances...).
If a jar isn't enough, you have things that helps, like alias on PC and the use of JBindery on macintosh.
I think it's a good enough answer for 1 point !
Another coin to have better !
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tseyehAuthor Commented:
have a better one, I'll incease the points.
tseyehAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 5
My appologies, I did not intend to submit that as an answer, only a comment.
No more joke : it's not a matter of points : I don't think there is a good solution that works for any plate-form.
I use JBindery on Macintosh, it's correct (does no optimisation but you have one file with all your classes, used files and parameters).
I tried Symantec Café on PC, it was ridiculous (bigger (dll...) and not faster). Maybe there is a better version, but I see it as a bad idea.
So you see you have to precise your need (plate-form!) to have a good answer.

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