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Network Path Not Found (Error 53)

sentiono asked
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Last Modified: 2013-12-23
I have a single domain network that connect three offices (let say A, B and C). A PDC and a BDC are installed on at the head office (A) and one BDC on each branch office (B and C).

People can logon no problem. But the weird thing is they have intermittent browsing problem. For example, some people in B can browse the resource at A and can browse others with their network neighbourhood. Some others just simply can't. I checked the Server Manager and the Network Neighbourhood from both the PDC and the BDC at A, I can see all the connected computers, including the troubled ones. When I tried to browse the troubled computers (either using Network Neighbourhood or net view or net use), they gave me error (Error 53, Network Path Not Found).
All people on Network B are connected to one hub and router.
Same thing on Network C.

I can successfully ping and traceroute all the computers.

My question is:
1. Why and how this can be happening?
2. Why only part can browse and others can't?
3. How to remedy the problem?

I've searched through the web, but can't find any answers.
Thank you.
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PSS ID Number: Q150734
Article last modified on 11-20-1997

The information in this article applies to:
 - Microsoft Windows Workstation version 4.0 Service Pack 3
 - Microsoft Windows Server version 4.0 Service Pack 3
This article is a current listing of the article numbers for bugs that
were fixed in the latest Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack. Use the Qxxxxxx
number that precedes the title of the bug fix to query the Microsoft
Knowledge Base to find an article about that bug.
NOTE: If an article appears in the Readme.txt file for the Service Pack,
but does not appear in the following list, it is because the article was
mistakenly added to the Readme.txt file.
Service Pack 3
 Q135707 Programs Run at Priority Level 15 May Cause Computer to Hang
 Q139506 Connections to Share-Level Server May Fail
 Q140419 Name Release Notfications Not Sent to WINS on Shut Down
 Q140967 Changing Password in User Manager Does Not Permit Logon
 Q141189 BUG: Wrong Error Code on NetBIOS Call When Using NWNBLNK
 Q141381 Retail SP3 Clients Cannot Connect to SP3 Beta 1 Servers
 Q142047 Bad Network Packet May Cause Access Violation (AV) on DNS Server
 Q142609 Corruption Problem When Running DPMI Application
 Q143470 Run Logon Scripts Synchronously Not Applied to New Users
 Q143472 FPNW Blue Screens Accessing or Creating Folders with Long Paths
 Q143473 Unattended Setup Stops Unexpectedly
 Q147012 Activating /W Switch to Prevent Rebooting in WinNT
 Q149538 System Restarts Every 5 Hours if Workstation to Server Upgrade
 Q151926 Delayed WinLogon When Drive Mapped to Local Share
 Q153220 DHCP Manager Error "No More Data Is Available"
 Q154710 Cannot View Long File Names on Network in 16-Bit Programs
 Q154939 CreateQueueJobAndFile Fails w/ Queues Other Than Print Queue
 Q156410 STOP 0x1E or 0x50 Error on Multiprocessor DEC Alpha Computer
 Q157077 Netstat Slow to List Large Numbers of Connections
 Q157745 Command Extensions Cause Access Violation in Cmd.exe
 Q158433 Re-creating Admin Shares Causes Exception Error
 Q158548 Sysdiff Changes Dates on Files It Applies to WinNT
 Q159060 Mouse Cursor Freezes or Fails with Microsoft IntelliMouse
 Q159176 XADM: Store Stops Responding with High CPU Usage
 Q159330 Map.exe Does Not Set Environment Variables Correctly
 Q159998 Error Message: Error Access Is Denied
 Q160386 Incorrect MediaType Parameter on IBM PCMCIA Token Ring Card
 Q160405 Video Memory Not Correctly Detected on Dell Latitude Laptops
 Q160990 DHCP Server Offers Duplicate IP Addresses for Windows NT
 Q161038 Winsock Apps Fail on First Attempt at NetBIOS Name Resolution
 Q161368 Service Pack 2 May Cause Loss of Connectivity in Remote Access
 Q161432 WINS Static Entries Overwritten by Duplicate Group Names
 Q161644 STOP 0x0000000A Sfmsrv.sys When Copying File to Mac Volume
 Q161714 IPX Doesn't Function Correctly over Token Ring Source Routing
 Q161830 Message from Unix Using Smbclient w/ Long Username Crashes
 Q161838 Programs That Lock 0 Bytes at Byte 0 Lock Entire File
 Q162077 Stop: 0x0000000A when Selecting NDS Map Objects
 Q162096 SET: Drivers Fail to Load When I/O Address Is Above 0xFFF
 Q162189 Macintosh Clients May Hang Temporarily with Multiple Mac Volumes
 Q162396 Problem with DHCP Decline Feature in Service Pack 2
 Q162404 Service Pack 5 Breaks Microsoft Mail Shared Using FPNW
 Q162471 Windows NT 4.0 May Not Recognize SCSI Devices Using Nonzero LUNs
 Q162563 WINS Restore Fails on Windows NT Server 4.0
 Q162566 FPNW Causes Incomplete Display When Executed from Windows 95
 Q162567 Telnet to Port 135 Causes 100 Percent CPU Usage
 Q162616 Extra Form Feed with Passthrough Functions to Text Only Driver
 Q162657 Choosing Default Domain Name for RAS Client Authentication
 Q162774 Policy Editor Crashes When Using Large Custom ADM Files
 Q162775 Access Violation in SPOOLSS when Printing to a Serial Printer
 Q162778 WINS May Report Database Corruption w/ More Than 100 Owners
 Q162881 RIP Table Sent While Shutting Down When Silent RIP Set
 Q162926 STOP: 0x0x0000000A After Call to GlobalAddAtom()
 Q162927 Telnetting to Port 53 May Crash DNS Service
 Q163129 RAS Client Fails to Connect to Service Pack 2 Using NetBEUI
 Q163143 STOP: 0x0000001E with Status C000009A
 Q163196 New Windows NT PING.EXE Prevents Hanging Other TCP/IP Stacks
 Q163202 Limit of the Number of Simultaneously Open Root Storage Files
 Q163203 Remote Access Autodial Manager may fail for second user logon
 Q163213 WebSTONE Benchmark of IIS May Show Poor Results for MP Systems
 Q163214 RAS Script with Set IPADDR May Fail with 3Com Defender Add-on
 Q163261 DEC ALPHA WinNT 4.0 Servers w/ SP2 Fail to Lease DHCP Addresses
 Q163267 Delay While Establishing SPX II Connection
 Q163318 Helpfile Word Lists May Be Rebuilt After Daylight Savings Change
 Q163333 Autosynch Compatible COM Applications May Fail w/ FIFO Enabled
 Q163383 Failure to Obtain IP Address Via DHCP on Token Ring w/ SP2
 Q163431 16-Bit Application Stops Responding When Run on WinNT 4.0
 Q163508 STOP 0xA in Ntfs.sys During Reboot
 Q163512 Error: The Mapi Spooler has Shut Down Unexpectedly
 Q163525 Delay When Saving Word 7.0 File to Windows NT 4.0 Server
 Q163538 NTBackup Does Not Properly Eject Tapes on DLT Tape Devices
 Q163614 HP LaserJet Series II Prints Extra Small Stripes or Points
 Q163616 Cannot Unlock Workstation If Password Change Cancelled
 Q163620 STOP 0x50 in Rdr.sys If Pathname Too Long in SMB
 Q163672 Windows NT 4.0 Setup Fails on ThinkPad 535
 Q163687 Winsock Applications May Timeout or Fail with an Error
 Q163700 IIS Access Violation for Polygon with More Than 100 Vertices
 Q163714 ATDISK Finds the Same Disk Twice on SunDisk PCMCIA ATA Adapter
 Q163725 NDIS Driver Fails To Check Functional Address
 Q163790 RPC Service Stops Responding on UDP Port 135
 Q163872 Sysdiff Cannot Delete Files
 Q163873 Czech Keyboard Layout Has Wrong Mapping
 Q163874 Pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL When Logging On Can Cause Blue Screen
 Q163875 Group Policies Not Applied If DC Name Is More Than 13 Characters
 Q163876 CSNW Clients Cannot Delete Print Jobs on NetWare Print Queue
 Q163880 COPY Command Causes File Cache to Grow
 Q163881 Windows NT Does not Display Some Fonts
 Q163883 NetBT (tag=Nbt8) Corrupts Pool with WinNT 4.0 SP2 Installed
 Q163891 Microsoft Excel 97 Causes a Windows NT Access Violation
 Q163892 A Service May Not Set Hooks on 32-bit GUI Applications
 Q163936 CLOCK Hangs and Consumes 90% CPU When Set to Digital Display
 Q163969 Event 552: DNS Was Unable to Serve a Client Request
 Q164014 Slow Exchange Client Logons Due to Deadlock in LSASS
 Q164121 Corel Fonts Unavailable Outside of English Locale
 Q164133 Logon Allowed When Access Denied to Mandatory User Profile
 Q164138 Files in Macintosh Volume Disappear from Macintosh Clients
 Q164159 Verify Reports Errors When Restoring a Tape Backup
 Q164161 NTBACKUP Fails to Back up Microsoft Exchange Server Data
 Q164201 Access Violation Installing IIS
 Q164211 FPNW Doesn't Convert the Long File Names Correctly
 Q164260 Compressing and Uncompressing Files Cause File Cache to Grow
 Q164309 Windows NT Client: Primary/Secondary WINS Servers Switch
 Q164322 Memory Leak in NetQueryDisplayInformation API
 Q164350 NEC IDE CD-ROM Drive CDR-1400C Cannot Play Audio CDs
 Q164352 Stop 0x00000050 in Tcpip.sys Caused by Winsock Applications
 Q164391 WinNT 4.0 SP2 Atapi Claims IRQ for Unused IDE Channel
 Q164410 CHGPASS and SETPASS Do Not Prompt For Typing Correction
 Q164432 Accented Greek Characters Are Not Being Created
 Q164462 Conner 4 mm DAT Tape Devices Fail After About 30 Seconds
 Q164491 Stop: 0x0000000A in Rdr.sys When Mailslot Message > 512 Bytes
 Q164507 Any User Can Log on to FTP Server with Disabled Anonymous Logon
 Q164542 MGET to an IBM Host FTP Server Returns Garbage Characters
 Q164546 SCSI Driver Description Truncated in Control Panel
 Q164595 Duplicate Route Not Removed After Second Redirection
 Q164600 4 mm DAT Driver Reports DEC TZ9L Supports Setmarks
 Q164606 Deferred Reconnections to Password Shares May Not Work
 Q164630 RPC over NetBEUI Fails from WinNT 4.0 RAS to WinNT 4.0 RAS
 Q164631 Scavenging WINS Database Removes Static Entries
 Q164639 SNA Windows 95 Fails Logon If Password Change Required
 Q164702 WINDISK crashes during initialization when Compaq ATAPI PD/CD
 Q164758 Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Service Access Violation
 Q164806 CHKNTFS Does Not Exclude FAT Partitions from AUTOCHK on Boot
 Q164812 Computer Name Truncated When Name Resolution Attempted
 Q164821 DHCP Server Service May Stop Responding
 Q164826 Direct Draw Programs May Hang NT 4.0 with S3 968 Video Chipset
 Q164904 Stop 0x0000000A in NETBT.SYS After Applying Service Pack 2
 Q164928 Not All Objects Are Displayed When Browsing NDS Trees
 Q164938 Event Logging Frozen While Doing Heavy Logging; Services CPU Peg
 Q164982 Lack of Secondary Address May Cause DNS Service to Hang
 Q164987 Hard-coded Socket of 451 Causes LANtegrity Software to Fail
 Q165004 NTVDM Support for Compaq Financial Keyboard Scan Codes
 Q165245 DDE Client Experiences Intermittent DDE Disconnects
 Q165314 Grace Logon Remaining Is Not Decremented When Logging to BDC
 Q165388 Invalid Directory Returned When Attempting to Access FPNW
 Q165427 Convlog.exe May Cause Access Violation
 Q165443 NDS Login Script Fails When Checking "If Member Of"
 Q165456 STOP 0x0000000A in Ntoskrnl.exe
 Q165483 RasEnumEntries() API Leaks Memory
 Q165813 16-bit Applications Cause Access Violation in NTDLL.DLL
 Q165814 Stop: 0x0000001E When Opening My Computer
 Q165816 STOP 0x0000000A in HAL.DLL on Multiprocessor Computers
 Q165818 Truncation of Backup Log In Eastern Europe or Russian NT 4.0
 Q165946 RasEnumEntries Return Incorrect Number of Phonebook Entries
 Q165950 Unable to Change Font Cartridge Selection
 Q165989 GetPeerName() Returns WSAENOTCONN After Select() Returns Success
 Q166043 DHCPAdmin Incorrectly Writes the BootFileTable in the Registry
 Q166148 RasSetEntryProperties() Fails to Set Options in Service Pack 2
 Q166158 Access Violation Occurs in SPOOLSS.EXE
 Q166159 Connecting to Windows Network resources from multi-homed machine
 Q166183 FPNW Server Returns Error When User Opens More Than 256 Files
 Q166186 OS/2 with TCP\IP May Refuse Socket Connections from Windows NT
 Q166197 NBTSTAT Error when Using >25 Dialout Devices with RAS
 Q166222 Dlc.sys Sends Frame Reject (FRMR) and Drops Connection
 Q166224 SNA Server 802.2 Connection Fails to Reactivate
 Q166226 Backup of Local Registry Does Not Work With NTBACKUP.EXE /b
 Q166257 Applications Using OpenGl Cause Access Violation in OPENGL.DLL
 Q166265 Printing To A Postscript Printer May Cause A STOP 0x0000003b
 Q166266 STOP 0x0000000A Using OpenNT Commands and Utilities
 Q166267 Office Shortcut Bar Fonts Appear as Non-Cyrillic on Russian NT
 Q166311 Memory Leak Retrieving OLE Property Values with Service Pack 2
 Q166334 OpenGL Access Violation on Windows NT Version 4.0
 Q166421 FPNW Returns Time Stamp with 60 Seconds to Clients
 Q166423 Access Violation in SERVICES.EXE in EVENTLOG.DLL
 Q166475 NWLNKSPX Retransmission Problem Over a Slow Link
 Q166478 Logon Rights Are Not Audited
 Q166482 DUMPCHK.EXE Incorrectly Reports Some Dump Files as Invalid
 Q166686 RASDIAL Error w/English Text on Non-English Version of Windows NT
 Q166696 NT 4 Err Msg: "The INF OEMNADDI is missing the referenced file"
 Q166823 Cannot Connect To AT&T Advanced Server VMS or OSF Print Share
 Q166834 Lost Record Locks from MS-DOS-based Program to NetWare Server
 Q166842 CSNW & GSNW Won't Display NetWare Servers via a SAP Seed Server
 Q166846 Cannot Reconnect to TN3270 Server with Close Listen Sockets
 Q166874 No Crashdump and Compaq Systems with Smart-2/P (PCI) Controller
 Q166963 Cannot Communicate with Computer Running NWLink IPX/SPX
 Q166964 Incorrect File Listing on NetWare Server with DIR /TC Command
 Q167009 Description of DHCP Server Service Has a Misspelled Word
 Q167010 Access Violation in CMD.EXE Processing Batch File Script Argument
 Q167026 Windows NT 4.0 DNS Server Stops Responding To Queries
 Q167038 RAS Clients Run Winsock and RPC Applications Slowly
 Q167044 Request From Perfmon Counter Can Cause Excessive Page Faults
 Q167110 NT 4.0 RAS client slows over time due to lack of resources
 Q167129 Stop 0x7A or System Lockup in NTBACKUP With MINIQIC
 Q167130 Fatal System Error in NDIS.SYS Allocating Map Registers
 Q167362 STOP 0x00000050 in SRV.SYS When Shutting Down Computer
Service Pack 2
 Q108261: Windows NT Hangs on Shutdown with Certain PCMCIA Devices
 Q140059: Stop 0xA in Afd When Browsing IIS
 Q140065: Multi-Processor Systems Randomly Restart or Stop Responding
 Q141375: Winstone 97 May Fail on Windows NT 4.0
 Q142634: Multiple Processes Are Able to Open the Same Winsock Port
 Q142641: Internet Server Unavailable Because of Malicious SYN Attacks
 Q142648: STOP 0x00000024 in Ntfs.sys
 Q142656: Internet Explorer 3.0 on RISC Computer Cannot Connect to Host
 Q142671: Backup Fails on Certain Directories Due to Lack of Permissions
 Q142675: CSNW Sends Packets Greater Than Negotiated Maximum Packet Size
 Q142686: First Line of Print Job Lost When Printing Using Lpdsvc
 Q142687: Windows NT 4.0 Not Able to Read Some Compact Discs
 Q142847: Bugcheck 0x1e Caused by Isotp.sys Driver
 Q142872: Length of PDC Name May Affect Performance on a Domain
 Q142903: Windows NT Ndis.sys and Netflx3.sys Performance Improvement
 Q146336: Joystick in Windows NT 4.0 Does Not Work Properly
 Q147363: AlphaServer Hangs on Install of Windows NT Version 4.0
 Q147497: Matrox Video Driver May Fail on Alpha-based Computers
 Q147552: Backup Always Reports Time as PM
 Q148378: Setup of RAS with Multiple Modems Gives Slow Performance
 Q148525: Removable Media Does Not Eject if Formatted in NTFS
 Q148602: Running SNA Server 2.11 on the Windows NT 4.0
 Q150815: Windows NT May Fail to Boot on Toshiba Portable Computers
 Q153665: SPX Data Stream Type Header May Reset Unexpectedly
 Q154556: Delegation Requires a Stop and Restart of the DNS Server Service
 Q154620: Windows NT 4.0 DNS Server Loses the Forwarders Settings
 Q154784: Windows NT Operating System SNMP OID Incorrect
 Q155883: NT 4.0 Breaks SNA Server 2.x Server Communication Over IP
 Q156091: Access Violation with Long NDS Context in CSNW/GSNW
 Q156095: Replace Command with Space Character in the Path Does Not Work
 Q156276: Cmd.exe Does Not Support UNC Names as the Current Directory
 Q156324: Device Failure Message with Microchannel Network Adapter
 Q156520: Logon Validation Fails Using Domain Name Server (DNS)
 Q156578: Cannot Cancel Print Job on Windows NT 3.51 Shared Printer
 Q156735: WOW Applications Stack Fault When Launched by a Service
 Q156746: Print Jobs Are Deleted When Printer Is Resumed After Restart
 Q156750: AddGroupNameResponse Frame from WinNT May Cause WFWG to Hang
 Q156884: Problems Saving Event Viewer Log from Windows NT 4.0 to 3.51
 Q156958: Serial Service Won't Stop with Serial Printer Installed
 Q157279: Nwrdr.sys Fails Reading File with Execute Only Attribute
 Q157289: Memory Leak Using RegConnectRegistry API
 Q157494: PPC 4.0 Cirrus Driver Fails to Redraw & Fill Objects Correctly
 Q157621: Personal Groups Not Visible If %Systemroot% Is Read-Only
 Q157673: Policy Not Updated on Workstation
 Q158142: WM_DDE_EXECUTE API Causes a Memory Leak in the WOW Subsystem
 Q158387: RAS Server Cannot Use DHCP to Assign Addresses w/ PPTP Filtering
 Q158587: 16-Bit Named Pipe File Open Leads to WOW Access Violation
 Q158682: Shortcuts Created Under NT 4.0 Resolve to UNC Paths
 Q158707: DDE Destroy Window Code May Stop 0x0000001e in Windows NT 4.0
 Q158796: Macintosh Clients Connected to WinNT Server Appear to Hang
 Q158981: IBM Thinkpads 760ED and 760ELD May Hang During Shutdown
 Q158994: Windows NT 4.0 Fails to Replicate to Backup Domain Controllers
 Q159053: NTFS Stream Limitation in Windows NT 4.0
 Q159066: A Client Crash May Prevent an NTFS Volume Dismount
 Q159071: NTFS Does Not Prevent a File Deletion During Rename
 Q159072: An Account That Still Has System Access May Be Deleted
 Q159073: Screen Corruption on Dell Laptops Using Cirrus Video
 Q159075: Compression Is Not Supported on Quantum 4000DLT
 Q159076: Windows NT 4.0 May Hang or Crash in Win32k.sys During Setup.
 Q159085: Windows NT Kernel Crashes While Processing WM_NCCREATE
 Q159090: Delphi 2.00 and 2.01 Users Encounter Error 998
 Q159091: German Time Zone Results in Incorrect Log Times
 Q159092: Mouse Buttons Not Swapped on German Windows NT 4.0
 Q159093: Windows NT Muldiv() Function Returns Incorrect Value
 Q159095: STOP 0x0000001E in Win32k.sys When Exiting Applications
 Q159098: WinNT 4.0 Resource Kit Utility "Remote Console" Client Fails
 Q159105: Cannot Open Truncated File Names from Compact Discs
 Q159107: Access Violaion in AddAtom Inside Kernel32.dll
 Q159108: SMP Full Duplex Adapter Configuration May Cause a Blue Screen
 Q159109: ExitWindowsEx Does Not Work With NEC Power Switch Service
 Q159110: CDFS Does Not Complete IRPs Correctly
 Q159111: Multiprocessor Computer Hangs Under Stress Using Halsp.dll
 Q159119: NTFS Generates Cross-Linked Files
 Q159127: Bugcheck in Windows NT While Running POSIX Applications
 Q159129: OpenGL Access Violation with Invalid OpenGL Context
 Q159137: Moving Files Can Corrupt NTFS Partition
 Q159141: CDFS Incorrectly Creates Short File Names for Some Files
 Q159144: Dongle May Not Function Under Windows NT 4.0
 Q159203: Unattended Install Prompts for New IP if Zero Is in Address
 Q159204: IoCompletionPort Causes Blue Screen Error
 Q159205: SFM File Type and Creator Properties Invalid
 Q159206: Reactivation of Paused Print Queues Deletes Print Jobs
 Q159309: Windows NT 4.0 RAS Not Releasing Static IP Addresses
 Q159352: RPC over NetBIOS Programs Can't Call from Server to RAS Client
 Q159447: Applications Testing for Directory Existence Fail
 Q159449: DNS Server Glue Data Is Deleted
 Q159450: Second Recursive Query Sent from DNS Server Is Broken
 Q159594: Missing Eastern Europe FontSubstitutes in Registry
 Q159910: Memory Corruption on a Windows NT Alpha Platform
 Q159970: Slow List of Folders and Files with CSNW
 Q159971: SetTimer() API Causes Memory Leak in the WOW Subsystem
 Q159972: WinNT 4.0 May Not Return Valid Response for SMB Search Command
 Q160015: 2D Vector Performance on WinNT 4.0 Slower Than on 3.51
 Q160055: Warning Event ID 4010 Generated on Windows NT LPD Server
 Q160189: CSNW Cannot See More Than 32 Volumes Per Server
 Q160190: RasSetEntryProperties Does Not Save a Full Path Script Name
 Q160354: Mouse and Keyboard Can Disappear when Replacing Drivers
 Q160370: Stop Screen 0x00000050 Caused by Fs_rec.sys
 Q160372: Intermittent File Corruption when Compiling on NTFS Partition
 Q160373: Adaptec Aic78xx Does Not Issue Multiple Tagged Commands
 Q160377: File Size Data Does Not Remain Consistent After Defrag on NTFS
 Q160392: Systems with 4 GB or More of RAM Cannot Boot Windows NT 4.0
 Q160398: Cannot Read Files Greater than 4 GB
 Q160404: Madge EISA Stops Responding on Alpha in Windows NT 4.0
 Q160405: Video Memory Not Correctly Detected on Dell Latitude Laptops
 Q160420: Changing Colors on Cirrus Logic Cards to 65k Can Cause Stop
 Q160459: DNS Delegations May Fail
 Q160470: Stop 0x0000000a IPX Sends Browser an Incomplete Datagram
 Q160493: NWLNKRIP Data Structures Corruption when Using a Demand Dial NIC
 Q160494: DNS Zone Transfer Fails After WINS Record Added
 Q160497: Cache File Entries Disappear
 Q160508: Unnecessary DNS Zone Transfers
 Q160518: Zone Files in Multiples of 4 KB May Cause Access Violation
 Q160583: Windows NT 4.0 with More Than 4 Processors May Stall & Reboot
 Q160601: Bad Parameters Sent to Win32k.sys May Cause Stop Message
 Q160603: No Output from DBMON Using OutputDebugString While Debugging
 Q160604: Access Violation in security!SspQueryContextAttributesW
 Q160606: Performance Enhancements for SQL Server Under Windows NT
 Q160610: READ_REGISTER_ULONG Doesn't Preserve ULONG Semantics on Alpha
 Q160649: STOP 0x0000000A in Ntoskrnl.exe at Logon to Windows NT 4.0
 Q160650: Blue Screen When Closing Kernel Mode Handles from User Mode
 Q160651: OpenGL May Cause an Exception 0xc0000090
 Q160653: NTFS Fails Assertion Under High Stress During Transfer
 Q160657: 16-bit Version of Visual Basic 4 May Hang Windows NT 4.0
 Q160658: Stop C0000021A Using MoveFileEx MOVEFILE_DELAY_UNTIL_REBOOT
 Q160670: FPSCR is Not Being Saved Across Thread Context Switches
 Q160671: Stop 0x0000007F May Occur on Compaq SystemPro
 Q160678: Possible Access Violation in Win32k.sys Under High Stress
 Q160702: Event 2006 Errors in Xcopy from WinNT 4.0 to OS/2 3.0 Client
 Q160732: FIX: SQL Server 6.5 Service Pack 2 Fixlist (Part 2 of 2)
 Q160791: Excel Charts Lose Color When Pasted into Word
 Q160840: Sharing Violation When Accessing User Profiles
 Q160894: Incoming Fax Jobs Do Not Appear in Print Queue
 Q160964: 0x0000001e When Printing Certain Documents from Windows NT 4.0
 Q161201: NTBackup.exe from WinNT 3.51 SP5 Causes Verify Errors
 Q161802: Stop 0x0000000A During Create File SMB
 Q161990: How to Enable Strong Password Functionality in Windows NT
 Q162157: Cyberbit Unicode Font Does Not Return Correct Charset
 Q163055: DHCP Client May fail with NT 4.0 SP2 Multinetted DHCP Server
 Q163736: Access Violation in DNS Manager when deleting cached domain
 Q163772: Nested "for" Loops Using the '~' Operators Does not Work
 Q163773: Brief 3.0 in NTVDM Consumes 100% Processor
 Q163837: SNMP query to Windows NT returns same value for NTS and NTW
Service Pack 1
 Q78303: Intermittent File Corruption Problem
 Q142653: STOP Message Occurs Calling GetThreadContext/SetThreadContext
 Q142654: Winsock Memory Access Violation in Ws2help.dll Or Msafd.dll
 Q142655: Stop Message Appears After Deleting ProductOption Registry Key
 Q142656: Internet Explorer 3.0 on RISC Computer Cannot Connect to Host
 Q142657: Data Corruption on Windows NT 4.0
 Q142658: Internet Information Server Runs Out of Memory
 Q149903: File Manager Performs a Move Instead of a Copy
 Q156832: STOP Message when IBM Warp Client Connects to Windows NT 4.0
Additional query words: prodnt servpack SP1 SP2 SP3 bug fix qfe compact
Keywords          : ntdistrib NTSrvWkst kbother kbfixlist
Version           : 4.0
Platform          : winnt
Hardware          : ALPHA MIPS PPC x86
Issue type        : kbref
Solution Type     : kbservicepack
Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1997.



There is no explanation to why only part of the network fail to connect while others can. Where is the answer? All I can see is cut and paste from readme.txt of SP3.
FYI, we did apply SP3 on all our PDC and BDCs. Our workstation computers are mostly 95.

Sorry, just kill my first answer, try this one.

PSS ID Number: Q121913
Article last modified on 09-09-1996

The information in this article applies to:
 - Microsoft TCP/IP-32 for Windows for Workgroups, version 3.11
 - Microsoft Windows for Workgroups version 3.11
When you use the NET USE command to a server and share that does not exist,
the following error message may appear:
   Error 59: An Unexpected Network Error Has Occurred
In addition, attempting to connect to a nonexistent server and share using
File Manager causes the system to stop responding (hang). To quit Windows
for Workgroups version 3.11 and reboot the computer, press CTRL+ALT+DEL and
press ENTER when the blue screen appears.
This problem occurs if the "DNS for Windows Name Resolution" option is
enabled and the IP address for a DNS server is not specified in the DNS
Server search list.
If a DNS Server is not available, disable the "DNS for Windows Name
Resolution" option under Windows Networking Parameters in the Advanced
Microsoft TCP/IP Configuration dialog box. If a DNS Server is available,
make sure that its IP address is added to the DNS Server search list in the
Microsoft TCP/IP - Connectivity Configuration dialog box.
When you attempt to connect to a nonexistent network server and share using
the NET USE command, the expected error message is "Error 53: The computer
name specified in the network path cannot be located." If the same
operation is performed in File Manager, the same error message should
appear in a STOP message dialog box without "Error 53."
Additional reference words: prodtcp32 3.11 wfw wfwg
KBCategory: kbnetwork kberrmsg
 : nttcp
Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1996.



People can connect/logon to the domain without any problem. That means the client get authenticated. The problem is not with the network itself, but it seems there is an underlying gremlins. What strange things is the inability of some people to browse to other resources. They were able to do it until last friday. On the weekend, suddenly the problem start to happen. We restarted the server, checked if all the services are running (yes, we have WINS server installed). Yet, it's getting worse.
I've searched the KB (I assume from Microsoft's homepage), but none of the answers provided are satisfactory.

Browsing is provided by Netbios broadcasts which explains why remote offices could not see other resources on other segment. The broadcasts do not get by the router. The PDC acts as Domain master browser and forwards its list to the Wins server and the BDCs act as segment master browsers. Stop and restart the browser service on servers to force an election. Static entries for your servers in the Wins datatbase might help.

 You could also turn on Netbios broadcast forwarding on the routers but that is defeating the pupose of the router which is to segregate network traffic.


Thanks for the answer. That's unfortunately not the case. The inability to browse resources is only affecting certain machines. While other machines on the same segment (attach to the same subnet, hub, and router) can browse the resources using network neighourhood, few machines just can't see other resources except logon on to the domain.

Please see my example below:
Let say we are trying to connect 10 computers in a single domain model. Let consider 5 computers are in the same segment as the PDC and BDC in the office A (head office). Office B has a BDC and has five computers on the second segment. Office A and office B are connected using T1 line. Everybody can logon successfully. All five computers in office A can browse other computers resources in the A region, the servers and some (let say 3 computers) in the B region without any problem. It's the same as the office B, those 3 computers can browse other resources without any problem, too. Unfortunately, these two computers can't see the resource of others. While trying to connect to these troubled computers from the PDC (I've set this up as master browser list to make sure though I know it's unnecessary), I'll get error 53, network path not found.

Go back to my original question. Since the other 3 computers can connect, access resources, sharing and use network neigbouhood, WHY the two troubled computers refuse to do so? What causes this inconsistency?
I had restared the PDC and BDCs, did complete sync, forced update and election, did not help.

I think derosa is on the right track.. Do you have a WINS server in the network? If yes, have you checked the WINS settings on the computers with trouble?

Are the computer names of those infected PC's longer than 15 characters.

It does seem like you are having a browsing issue here.

When you cannot browse to a computer can you connect to its UNC name (Which does not use browsing)
Start\run\ \\computername

If you can then there may be an issue with the master browser.

For each workgroup their is 1 master browser. So even if they are on the same segment (attach to the same subnet, hub, and router), they can still have browsing problems.

You may need to use Browstat and Browmon (NT resource kit) to troubleshoot the browsing issues. From the Browstat command you can find who is the master browser and then disable the master browsing function on the problem machine.

If you need help using those commands let me know, I have pulled all my hair out troubleshooting browsing issues, time to help some else pull theirs out. :)

Have fun,

Try this, tonight when no one in your company or no one login to the server, you power down you hub and shut down the servers. give it a minute, and then power eveything back up. Let see will that help?

I bet you are relying totally on B-Node broadcasts.  The problem with these is that when a Master browser falls in contention for that position with another computer and loses the election, it takes a while for the new MB to rebuild the list.  It so happens some times that some of these computers always look at this MB which might be unable to provide the route path for some machines.  The working computers on the other hand look for the right MB all the time.  I know this sounds stupid but it has been a recognized problem all along in such scenarios.
So, Microsoft, recommends to have H-Broadcasting whereever possible in the case of distributed environments.  
Logon authentication works fine, 'cuz, no matter what, your BDC will respond for these requests.  Browsing not necessarily is the same as the logon authentication.
So, I conclude that installing a WINS server for the entire domain is not a bad idea.  Actually that is what you should do and make all the boxes WINS clients.  Now, you have a database of route paths and no question of not finding a path.  
Also, if the segments are across the WAN (as you said), then having multiple WINS servers in different subnets is also not a bad idea 'cuz you will decrease a lot of network traffic.  You can have these WINS servers replicate each other to keep your databases uptodate.
Good luck..


No. We are using H-node broadcast by installing WINS primary server at the PDC and WINS secondary servers at each BDCs on the branch offices. Then we make them as push-pull partners. We make our workstations as WINS client and pointing to its respective servers location.
I'll have to try something pretty drastic, and I will try it tonight. I'll let you all know what's the outcome.

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