can UNIX unzip a winzip file?

Are there anytools for UNIX that would unzip a winzip file?
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jlmsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
pkunzip is an standalone program that you can have in your home directory... No need to "install" unless you sysadmin and/or company demands to check every sibgle file you put in the computers...
I think gzip will do that.  Not sure though.
Yep, try gzip, or rather, gunzip.
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Winzip uses PKware algorithm to compress and uncompress files, so if you want to be 100% sure you can do it, you have to get pkzip and pkunzip for UNIX in the PKware's site:

gzip and/or gunzip can work in most cases, but are not exactly the same thing...
ueihpAuthor Commented:
I tried gunzip

prompt> gunzip
gunzip: unknown suffix -- ignored
prompt> gunzip -S .zip
gunzip: has more than one entry -- unchanged
prompt> gunzip -S .zip -f
gunzip: has more than one entry -- unchanged
prompt> gunzip -S .zip -rdf
gunzip: has more than one entry -- unchanged

What am I doing wrong here?  I don't have pkunzip and install things on computers at work is a hassle.
ueihpAuthor Commented:
gunzip did not work for me but pkzip worked well.

Thank you.

I experienced this same problem.

I resolved the problem by using the "unzip" command to unzip the file.

This worked for me.  I just had to run dos2unix on the files to remove the "^M" carriage return characters at the end of each line.
Does anyone know if the zip and unzip utilities come standard on the AIX 5.1 CD?
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