In telnet, I wanna acess the server as a ROOT, I telnet the server it ask for a login I type ROOT, and then ask password, I acctually don't know the password but Wanna enter in that server, is there any possobilities ??
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jlmsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No. What do you think those passwords are good for???

Now, if you really want to try (you little hacker) the first step could be Satan, that checks cracks in the security of a computer (like stupid passwords for example).

   Keep in mind that accessing a machine where you are not suppossed to be could be awainst the law. So you have been warned.

entering a machine you are not supposed to is against the law in most areas, especially if you are doing across state borders, or international borders.

Bad thing to do, if you ask me.
there is more information about security in www.rootshell.com
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Why don't you just ask the sysadmin for the root password.  If you're authorized and trusted to login as root on that machine, then I'm sure that they will gladly provide you with the root password.  

Additionally, most properly configured unix machines will not allow you to login as root from a telnet prompt, but you probably already knew that.  
AmeerAuthor Commented:
But I am using Windows98 and satan is for Unix....

Please guide me
Nothing will do, check the rootshell website but if you don't have access is for a good reason.....

  Now, go away.
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