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Educational Sites made in Java

ritua asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-07-27
Are there any educational sites made in JAVA? If Yes, please
name in few.
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Do you want educational things about Java or normal education al site created in Java?

All of the following sites use Java Scripting in their content. Pages themselves are, of course, HTML.

I wasn't sure from your question if you were looking for websites about education (mostly text sites) or sites that are educational (which, ideally, applies to all sites). If the request is for the latter, the list should focus on a specific age group... Also, if you're looking for ideas, you'll find plenty. If you're looking for source code, many call the script from another location not available to viewers and will surrender little information.

Hope these help...

http://www.pbs.org/ -- Public Broadcasting Website --

http://www.nickjr.com/index2.tin?page=bluesclues/index.html -- Blues Clues website -- page is not in Java, but I believe the games (educational) are created using Java if you'd like to see some very good use of the Java.

http://www.tcm.org/ -- The Computer Museum -- You gotta check out the Fish Tank and read about "How it works."

http://www.m-w.com/game/ -- Merriam-Webster website -- The site itself is not in Java, but the Word Games are! Really cool. Don't miss the calendar at the bottom of the page. There are hundreds of games archived -- a different one every day!

http://lcweb.loc.gov/ -- Library of Congress website -- VERY COOL!!!

http://www.un.org/ -- The United Nations website

http://www.getty.edu/ -- J. Paul Getty Center -- Museum, Research Center -- Java used throughout really beautifully done site!

If you'll provide more information, we can focus the search for more sites for you!

I am submitting this as a comment to keep your question open and unlocked so that others might also provide resources. If you choose to accept my input as an answer, please post a comment to that effect and I will repost this comment as an answer.


you'll probably reject this, but try using search engines like yahoo, hotbot, alta vista, etc. to find anything. good luck


What shintinsdass87 told me to do, I was doing it for the past two days, but unable to find JAVA sites.
Colleen's answer is helpful but not to the extent. I want the site itself should be made in JAVA and should benefit students of graduate or post-graduate level.


I want the site itself should be made in JAVA and should benefit students of graduate or post-graduate level in their studies.

Websites themselves are not created "in Java." Java scripting is used to automate, animate, initiate, etc. within HTML pages. The script is referenced from the page, but the source code, the actual script itself, frequently resides elsewhere.

Browsers communicate in http (hypertext transfer protocol). They speak HTML. Newer browsers are capable of interpreting scripts (either or both JavaScript and VBScript). The Java programming language itself is not used in webpages because browsers are not designed to interpret it. Webpages are not created using scripts because they eat BANDWIDTH. There is no point in programming simple text display.

Now, as I mentioned before, all the sites listed use JavaScript in their sites. As far as information for graduate and post-graduate level... what topic??? If the topic is education, I have never found any. Such sites for your target audience are mostly plain text. Some have some graphics. But the majority are designed to be informational and available to all browsers on all platforms. They go for the lowest common denominator--the simple HTML page with Times New Roman text.

If, on the other hand, you can help us narrow the field a bit by naming a topic, we'll all go surfing...



Colleen, thanx for all the stuff. But the topic is "education", not any particular kind of education.

If the topic is education, as in the target audience being educators, I wish you luck. I've seen a lot of these sites and they are a lot of text, unimaginatively (is that a word?) presented, and very dry...

I will dig through my bookmarks over the next couple of days and see what I might have marked...


Regarding hotbot.  If you go to hotbot and click "More Search Options" you can search for pages which include specific technologies like Java content

(begin quote)
Pages Must Include
Return only pages containing the specified media types or technologies.
(end quote)

This usually works most of the time.  I suggest you don't use "Java" as one of your search terms.


Well hope this site will help U out here......http://www.ibm.com/java/academic/

Good luck :-)


The site should be in JAVA not that it should teach about JAVA. Thanx anyway.
I am looking forward to your reply, Colleen.

Asking for (ANY) site consisting *purely* of JAVA is like asking for a car made out of motor-oil;-)The closest thing I can think
of, are the handful of sites made with Psyral Phobia, which takes
all of the site`s HTML and converts it into Javascript, which is
then re-converted back into viewable content when viewed with a
javascript-capable browser.(The idea behind this is to prevent
anyone from stealing your HTML code)It DOES work (try "view source";)but it is kinda slow. The ONLY Psyral Phobia website
with an ".edu" <http://sphinx.ece.orst.edu/~fizbo/index.html>
that I found is down(perhaps for a long time), but if you do a
search for "Psyral" you WILL find several sites that, by virtue
of the fact that all the HTML has been encoded into Javascript,
come as close to the "All JAVA, all the time" type of site you
are looking for. You`ll probably reject my answer, but I believe
that this is as close as you`re gonna get, (at least, with the
current state of the Web)

Found a few... Skipped the ones that are only using Java for a navigation bar or a counter or worse yet, a banner ad.

http://www.cliu.org/      Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit, An Educational Service Agency.      Not much Java, but it used for determining time of day, displaying scrolling notice, link search

http://www.sofweb.vic.edu.au/      SOFWeb (Schools of the Future) -- Not a lot of Java, some on News page. But of particular interest is the Global Classroom. Didn't have time to delve into it, but the focus is on using Internet technologies in special projects. Java is used for the GC Pro Dev Online Quiz...

http://internetgis.com/            Active Maps Website -- This is a very fascinating site -- maps for many applications, all Java-based, including queries. Definitely check out the "Live Demos."

http://www.peel.edu.on.ca/~havenwd/tetris.htm      Totally uneducational, but it IS on an educational domain server and it IS Java. The game of TETRIS.

http://w3.pppl.gov/~dstotler/Drift.html            Magnetic Confinement Demonstration -- I'm not a physicist, so I don't entirely understand this demonstration. But it is a very good demonstration of using Java to demonstrate scientific principles...

These three webpages are quizzes with maps. Great use of Java for interactive learning.

Hope these are more like what you're looking for. By the way, did you check out the Fish Tank at the Computer Museum??? (Link provided in first comment).

Was unable to post this as an answer because tylox's answer is still pending. You need to reject that answer before any other experts can propose a new answer.



Collenen's answer is better than the answer given by Tylox. It contains the required information (some). Thanx.

  If my answer does not solve your problem or address the issue to your satisfaction, then by all means, go ahead and reject it.
If ckayter`s(Colleen`s)answer is acceptable to you, then ask her to repost an "answer" so you can award her the points, but you
will first need to reject my answer so as to allow the question to be re-opened.(Don`t worry, I don`t take it "personally";-)


Would you like me to post an answer or shall we leave this question in the "Waiting for an Answer" section for a couple of days where others will see it? (We sometimes forget to skim the "Locked Questions" sections).

Sorry I couldn't find more. There just isn't a lot more. Academics are straightforward and to-the-point and generally don't use a lot of high-tech applet stuff in their websites. Pity.



Colleen you can post me the answer. It's sufficient. Thanx.
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Thanx Colleen. I will post the question as you said. As you asked me, I am frankly telling you that I, myself is a student of MCA and learning Java & VC++ side by side.  The question was to know more about WEB & its sites which were made using Java as I am planning to make a site of my own (in future) .
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