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Network Programming with two network cards

sengkiat asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-03-18
I am using a LINUX system and am trying to configure it to accept two network cards. They are both 3c509. I am using Redhat. Does anyone have experienced with this?

How do I do network programming such that I can choose
to access via whichever network card and send by another network card. Can the normal socket programming do this?

Please advise thanks.
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Hmm since the cards are the same, it might bring up a conflict problem, that Linux is also a bit tricky when assigning IRQ's and stuff like that, i would suggest a small experiment on a small useless box...
even thoough i am afraid that the cards will use also the same memory blocks, eben i you succed making them wrk together, yoou might experience varioous and serious prblems with stacks...
sorry for the bad language...but i am posting from my "useless" box :) and this keyboard has certain problems with some keys...lolz ...hehe wonder why i failed login so many times...

I have a system with two net cards working well. One card sees the Internet by a router and the other sees my internal network. My linux box does the routing between the nets, using IP masquerade.

Well, I am using Slackware, not Red Hat. Anyway, you need to configure the cards to be different. I am using NE2000 clones with jumpers, maybe you need the config disks for your boards. I defined one to use IRQ 5, IO 300h and the other as IRQ 10, IO 340h.

Then I configured both cards to be detected at boot time, defining in the /etc/lilo.conf file:

append="ether=5,0x300,eth0 ether=10,0x340,eth1"

Then you need to adjust the rc.inet1 to have ifconfig commands for eth0 and eth1. Also you need to adjust your routes. I figured out looking in the NET-3 Howto.

Good luck.
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Ah by the way all of the info I just sent you can be found in the Ethernet-Howto at
www.linux.org       Under the support > howto tabs you see when you first connect. I believe it's under section 3 or 4 of the howto, entitled "Using Multiple Ethernet Cards". You can have a look if I confused you any.
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