Direct Print to Dotmatrix with special forms control

I need to print a special form size (7" in length) on a dotmatix printer.  I would like to be able to send control characters and text directly to the printer.  How can I best do this?
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gikamConnect With a Mentor Commented:
MikeP is right
dabellei, if the printer is EPSON compatible then it shoud respect the stadard ESC/P control codes.
You can open the printer's port using Open, just as you would open file:

Open "LPT1" for output as #1

'Then, you just use Print # to send strings to it
Each printer have their own code, do you have them?
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dlwallacAuthor Commented:
If this is what you are suggesting, it does not work.

Private Sub Command1_Click()
' Truck Bill Form Description
' Form size: 8.5 in. width, 7 in. height
' 8 lpi, 56 lines per page
' 10 characters per inch
' Using IBM ProPrinter (or any IBM control character compatible)

   Dim fa As Integer
   Dim x As Integer
   fa = FreeFile
   Open "lpt1" For Output As fa
   ' Set page size to 56 lines, 8 lines per inch
   Print #fa, Chr$(27); "C"; Chr$(56); Chr$(27); Chr$(48);
   For y = 1 To 2                       ' print 2 pages
      For x = 1 To 30                   ' print first 30 lines
         Print #fa, Format$(x, "##0")
      Next x
      Print #fa, Chr$(12);              ' eject to new page
   Next y
   Close fa
End Sub

Before I analize the code, tell me whats the concrete problem, what is wrong?. Any error messages, or what?
IBM is different from EPSON!
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