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host mode pcanywhere 8.0 ELSA ISDN x75 modem

pworce asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-27
On a pc with a Microlink ISDN/TLpro ELSA internal modem I have Qmodem and PCanywhere 8.0 installed. Qmodem works fine in host mode. But I cannot get PCanywhere working in host mode. I can not get a proper connection and get disconnected after a timeout.

What is the correct init string for PCanywhere to get the ELSA Microlink modem in host mode correctly.
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Strings like 'AT&F' or 'AT&F1' or 'ATZ' will initialize 99% of
the "modern" modems, because the modems are designed to work
correctly when initialized to 'F(actory)' settings.

Add an 'A' to the end of the 'ATxxxx' string,
if you want to place the modem into "auto-answer" mode.

In order to show the host's screens as fast as possible, pcANYWHERE32 pushes the serial port much harder then what a terminal program such as Qmodem would.  It is extremely important that you are using the very latest modem firmware and .INF file.

You can download the latest .INF file (27 Aug 98) from:


file:  mdmelsai.zip

If you have hardware release J and K, then download the latest firmware vers 3.00, dated 22 Jul 1998 from the same location.

file:   tlprofj.zip

If that does not resolve the situation, then how fast are you setting the serial port within pcANYWHERE32.


I already tried this!


I accept mgwhite's answer. Grade: EXCELLENT!

MGWHITE, please post an "answer",
so that PWORCE can "accept" it,
and award the 600 (150*excellent) points to you.
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