How to develop Solitaire

Hi ,
There is a game named Solitaire in Windows 95 .
Who knows if it is possible to write a program
like this using MFC. How to create a card
( which kind of MFC ) in Solitaire.

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psdavisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Oops, mean that 'comment' as an 'answer'.

Big questions for small points...  50 points is standard for a easy question.

OK, here's the short skinny.

Of course it's possible to write a program of solitare in MFC, but seems very difficult.

You can actually access all of the card fronts and backs if you load up the program in your Visual C++.  Do a 'file open' and select sol.exe as the file name and 'resources' as the type.  Then you will have full access to the cards.  Copy all of the resources and put them into your own project.  Then create CBitmap images and display them in the fashion that you want.

Good luck

Sorry I think you might be wrong on this comment Phillip.

I thought the cards live in CARDS.DLL (which lives in Windows\System Directory).  This is a 16 bit DLL on my system.

The API to CARDS.DLL is undocumented and unsupported by MS, but I hear it's been reverse engineered by a few hardy individuals.
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murphyleeAuthor Commented:
I just want to know how to use MFC to createa object acting as a card,
to perform drag and drop with card appearance.
"the API to CARDS.DLL is undocumented and unsupported by MS"
So easy, so simple game , seems very difficult to implement.
MS is the real expert.

thanks for all your answers.
You can find a VB example of CARDS.DLL

This will give you the APIs you need.

Remember this is 16 bit.

I hear there's a CARDS32.DLL which is presumably 32 bit, but I can't find it on my system
If you open the solitare program in visual C as a resource, you can get the card faces.  Just tried it.  It's probably the reason there's not a cards32.dll if I'm not mistaken.

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