Int 68h AX=4300h

Can anyone tell me what this interrupt does. A pointer to some documentation would be helpful.
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busukaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I found only this in Ralf Brown's Interrupt List 5.9:

      AX = 4300h
Return: AX = F386h if ???
Note:      called by Novell DOS 7.0 EMM386.EXE
SeeAlso: AX=4400h,INT 41/AX=004Fh
INT 68 U - ???
      AX = 4400h
      BX = ???
      CX = ???
      DX = ???
      DS:SI = real-mode address of protected-mode GDT
      ES:DI = real-mode address of protected-mode IDT
Return: ???
Note:      called by Novell DOS 7.0 EMM386.EXE if AX=4300h returns AX=F386h
SeeAlso: AX=4300h

You see that this is pretty unclear. Old documentations put this
interrupt as "user" one. However, seems that is has a function in
protected mode.

Check these files (file interrup.p in*.zip

These are program interupts used for storing information to be parsed to the processor. AX is a register for the CPU. 4300h is the hex number to be sent to or that was currently in the CPU register.
Look at a book with ISBN: 0672309548 - Hardware Bible. Goto for info on this book.
icdAuthor Commented:
Can you be more explicit. Your answer seems to be a generic one that applies to all interrupts. I am looking for specific details on this one interrupt/function.

Also I know I asked for a reference to documentation but I was hoping for an on-line reference.
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I think it is used by adaptek drivers.
icdAuthor Commented:
I would like to open this question for other answers please.
icdAuthor Commented:
The function does indeed return F386h. I suspect however that it has something to do with SoftIce because it returns different values when SoftIce is not installed.

Thanks for that answer, not exactly what I was looking for, but thanks for the effort.
icd, When I meant program interupt, that is exactly what I meant. i.e. it is an interupt for transfering code data. There are two of these in total out of the interupts list . Other interupts do various functions like contain data that when initiated send singals to various hardware depending on what area of address space is alocated to them. Get the book because there is alot on this subject. Also, try

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