Message Processing

This should be easy.

I have an MDI MFC application.  The view is a CFormView
with Buttons, EntryFields, and ComboBoxes.  The default
behavior is to go to the next control in the tab order
when the Tab key is hit.  I want the same behavior when
Enter (or Return) key is hit.

This is not a CDialog it is a CFormView.

I have tried registering all sorts of message
handlers that should work, but none of them
get executed (OnChar, OnKeyDown, OnSysKeyDown,

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prasanthConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would try overriding PreTranslateMessage and processing WM_KEYDOWNs where the virtual key is VK_ENTER.
The easiest way i think is to add a default 'IDOK' button to your form view.
It may be invisible - so it won't affect your layout. Then add a handler:

void CMyFormView::OnOK()
  int curID=GetDlgCtrlID(GetFocus());
  if( // check if curID is one of your edit fields //)
    SetFocus( GetNextDlgTabItem(GetFocus()) );
solomon021499Author Commented:
prasanth's proposed answer is the way to go.

Unfortunately, snoegler's comment will work for CDialogs, but not CViews.

Please don't think that this is against you - but it does work.
We've been using this in a project, and it worked :)
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