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.JPG saved to SQL Anywhere DB

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Last Modified: 2013-11-19
How do I get a .jpg image saved into a SQLA database, with out using third party bound controls? The column object is a blob datatype.
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Here is some MS code

Dim Cn As New ADODB.Connection
Dim rsRead As New ADODB.Recordset
Dim rsWrite As New ADODB.Recordset
Dim strChunk As String
Dim Offset As Long
Dim Totalsize As Long
Dim ChunkSize As Long

Cn.Open "pubs", "sa"

rsRead.CursorType = adOpenStatic
rsRead.Open "SELECT pr_info FROM pub_info", Cn

rsWrite.CursorType = adOpenKeyset
rsWrite.LockType = adLockBatchOptimistic
rsWrite.Open "SELECT * FROM myBLOB", Cn

ChunkSize = 1000
Totalsize = rsRead("pr_info").ActualSize

Do WHILE Offset < Totalsize
    strChunk = rsRead("pr_info").GetChunk(ChunkSize)
    Offset = Offset + ChunkSize
    rsWrite("info").AppendChunk strChunk
End Sub

The example reads pr_info long data from the pub_info table and inserts it into the myBLOB table. After the rsRead and rsWrite record sets are created, the size of the long data is stored in the Totalsize variable. In the WHILE loop, long data is inserted in chunks of 1000 bytes. The WHILE loop stops when more data than the original long data size is inserted. After the insertion is completed, the UpdateBatch method is used to commit the data.



Your code looks as if you are only taking a blob from one record and transferring it into another record. This we have no problem doing.

What this program does is take a photo from a digital camera using a third party software and displays the photo in our program in a third party control which is bound to the database. We are then able to issue ID cards with the photo and also retain the photo in our database for future use. The problem is the third party control that binds to the database fails to update on the 36 update while using the program. The 36 photo will not update. It causes an invalid page fault in MFC40.dll. We took off the control and updated 104 photos using microsoft image control, but this saves to the databse as a .BMP and for space we need them to be saved as .jpegs. We are looking for a way to update to the SQLA database using code and our current connections through ODBC. Or our other solution is solving the page fault.

I will wait for further answers from you before I grade.
Sorry I am not able to answer this now.

Please regrade the Question.


thank you for trying (a111)^3

Here is a function to save your BLOB to a disk file :

Sub GetFileFromDB(BinaryField As Field, szFileName As String)
    ' *** Will retrieve an entire Binary field and write it to disk ***
    Dim NumChunks    As Long
    Dim TotalSize    As Long
    Dim RemChunk     As Integer
    Dim CurSize      As Integer
    Dim nChunkSize   As Long
    Dim nI           As Integer
    Dim nFile        As Integer
    Dim CurChunk     As String
    nChunkSize = 32000    ' Set size of chunk.
    ' *** Get field size.
    TotalSize = BinaryField.FieldSize()
    NumChunks = TotalSize \ nChunkSize   ' Set number of chunks.
    ' *** Set number of remaining bytes.
    RemChunk = TotalSize Mod nChunkSize
    ' *** Set starting size of chunk.
    CurSize = nChunkSize
    nFile = FreeFile ' Get free file number.
    Open szFileName For Binary As #nFile  ' Open the file.
    For nI = 0 To NumChunks
       If nI = NumChunks Then CurSize = RemChunk
       CurChunk = BinaryField.GetChunk(nI * nChunkSize, CurSize)
       Put #nFile, , CurChunk   ' Write chunk to file.
    Close nFile

End Sub


I understand what you have done Watty, however it fails to work for our application. We want to bring in a photo from a SQLA database and write it into a control. We connect using a data control ( data1) and what we want to do is
read in this information then display it in our control, and use the append method to load the photo into the database. The recordset is being set by data1.recordsource=(select * from photo where ssn = '000000000'" then on this recordset we want to retrieve the photo_front into the control. using the previous code. Any more advise would be greatly appreciated, and points have been increased to 150

It is not possible to do it directly. There are so much things we would like to do, but sometime we have to imagine some tricks and work around :(
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