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kans asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-03-30

  What if all the 200 points that are alloted to me are
  exhausted? Do i get a fresh 200?
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click on your points and you will get a screen where you can buy more points . Click on the points ...

xperts Exchangetm sells points for $0.10 apiece. You may purchase points by using a credit card. The minimum point purchase is 200 points, for $20.00. If you would like to arrange a corporate account with Experts Exchange, so that your employees may make use of our service to help answer technical and other questions, please Email Number of Points To Purchase:

 Visa  us .

 Master Card

Credit Card Number:  
Expires: (use month/year format: 09/96 for Sept 1996, for instance)

When it's exhausted. You won't get a fresh 200. You will however
receive 5 more every day.



  I have a comment from sailwind that i  get 5 points everyday if my
 200 points get exhausted. Why did'nt you include that in your answer?

 I'm a student and i cant afford to buy points but i guess i can login as a
 different user everytime my points get exhausted.
Simple !!! why didn't you give 100 points for the question .

.Just kidding !!!



  Good sense of humour!!



  My question is answered.Why is not listed in the status box?

  I have accepted aziz's comments!
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