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Windows Explorer

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Last Modified: 2012-06-21
Can I gain control of Windows exporer for with in access if so how?
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What kind of control you want to have? What do you want it to do?

Try sending keyboard (send key) events to the Explorer. Go to the help file, in the example there is a funtion that allows you to set focus on a application first (unless you are executing it from Access) and then you can start sending keyboard events


I want to gain control of the file browse to select import files. Without going through the access import procedure. The Code on my form is as follows:

Dim stringInput As String, strMsg As String
            On Error GoTo file_not_found
            Const conErrFileNotFound = 3001

        If IsNull(Combo0)
        DisplayMessage "You must enter a something!"
        Exit Sub
        strMsg = "Enter Full Path, File Name and Extension (ie. C:\Bla\Bla\"File Name.xls)"
        stringInput = InputBox(Prompt:=strMsg, Title:="File Name")
        GoTo Update
        End If

     If MsgBox(stringInput, vbOKCancel, "Import") = vbOK And strInput > "" Then
        DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acImport, 8, "ExcelImport", strInput, True, "Range"
        DisplayMessage "No File Name Or Cancelled!"
        End If
        Exit Sub
    If Err.Number = conErrFileNotFound Then
        DisplayMessage "Can't Find File!"
        MsgBox Err.Description
        End If

End Sub

I want to replace the InputBox(stringInput) with the ability to browse and then select a file.

You should use the Common dialog control. I'm not sure how .OCXs are used in access, but if you do, I'll tell you what properties you need to set


I tried that but I can't get the ActiveX common dialog box controls to work in access. I get the message OLE Sever not registered. When I try to install it I get another error message along the lines of you can't install/unistall that control from within access use another program to install/uninsall this control.
Go toStart->Run, type:
RegSvr32 c:\windows\system\comdlg32.ocx
{check for the correct name}


There is no file on my system called comdlg32.ocx but there is a file called comdlg32.dll. I tried to register this file with the srever from the run command line but got the following error message. C:\windows\system\comdlg32.dll was loaded, but the DLLRegisterServer entry point was not found.
Unless you are using access 2 you should have comdlg32.ocx This will do exactly what you are trying to do.

If you are using v2 then you can create the dialog in code...let me know. (I'll send you the ocx if you like)


Thanks helicopter.
I am using Office 97. I would like to take you up on your offer of the comdlg32.ocx file as I can't find it on my system or my office 97 CD. The only file I could find was comdlg16.ocx. Perhaps my CD is corrupted. I have been experimenting using a form and programaticly filled list boxes it almost works? If you want to see it let me know.



I now have a working copy of comdlg32.ocx. What next?
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