opti 931 sidewinder

why my sidewinder gamepad is not detected on my audio optisound 931 ?
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ryanicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Which version of the Microsoft Gaming Device are you using? Check the CD that comes with your Pad.

Try downloading the latest version 3.0. I encountered this problem before. I installed the latest Microsoft Gaming Devices Utility and the Pad then can work in the Game.

If not, then I think the problem is that you Sound Card does not work well with Direct-Input, which is a components of DirectX.

Many sound cards in the Market are actually having this same problem.

Or try to get a gameport Card and try it out again.

I think you should get a PCI sound Card which is using DirectX certified drivers if all else fails.
What OS? Is the game port working? Do other joysticks, gamepads work on the port?
An opti 931 sound card has many known incompatibility issues with digital game pads and joysticks. I would opt for a sb16, it is well supported and pretty cheap. Just look at the readme file that came with game pad software, You will find it well documented there.
what mhz is your comp?
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