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Get closest value?

brainware asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-04
I have a map and its build where i have
some mapblocks that holds Image,size,x,y and more
and when i press form i get my MouseX,MouseY
and now i need to get what Block im closest to:
if i have blocks with values: 1,14,23,99 and i have value
15 how do i get what block im closest to? becuse a case of would suck..

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Hmmm - this is bigger problem than you probably think.
I was write some years ago map program and I have the same problem.
I was resolve this in that way :
1.first I made a list of polygons which contains the block.
2.if list is niil then I return the polygon which contain line which is nearest to my point.
3. if list is not nill than I was mady some different algorithm which depends on the additional layer parameters, however in global idea you must find the polygon which countain the nearest line to your point.

The problem is however bigger - why ? ok
You probably have big map and you can't compare to each line !
I was solve this by deviding the whole map to smalest squares and I first finding square for my point and then from list of objects which is assigned to the square I was create the search described later.
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Here is something I just wrote, but you try it since I haven't tried it on Delphi.////

function GetClosestRect ( x1, y1, x2, y2, Pt : TPoint ) : boolean;
  Result := ( Pt.x > x1 ) and ( Pt.y > y1 ) and ( Pt.x < x2 ) and ( Pt.y < y2 );  

Example Call:
  MyRect : TRect;
  if GetClosestRect( 1, 14, 23, 99, 15 ) then//15 is the point you want to check is closest..
    MyRect := Rect(1, 14, 23, 99);

You can create same procedure but using a TRect type instead of x1,y1,x2,y2......

Hope this helps....

Viktor Ivanov
A very easy way is to do what you want is to use the function PtInRect()

if PtInRect(Rect, Point) then
  MyRect := Rect;

Viktor Ivanov

Yes -victornet, but what when the point is outside rect ? ;)
Not exactly sure,....maybe your solution is better..but here is something he might try......this is only for the width,,,,you do it for both width and height...

  Rect, MyRect : TRect;
  pt : TPoint;
  i : Integer;
  for i := 0 to (Width div Rect.Right) do
    Rect :=Rect (i*Rect.Right, 0, (i*Rect.Right)+Rect.Right, 100);
    if PtInRect(Rect, pt) then
      MyRect := Rect;

so you say that the brainware need to try with many rect to see if the other point is in the rect ?!!!!
Not exactly...What I say is that you way is an original way to do that, and he is suppose to use yours, but he can try mine as well if he wants to... Just trying to give other pointers....he might learn something new from other example ;-)

Viktor Ivanov


Not what i was looking for..
But i got help from SPACEBRAIN that was so nice to drop by my home.
Whatever i think you 100% mis-understod question..

I wanted to check what value that was closest, but found a new way insted..

so what you was asking for ? I can't understand :( and why you accept my answe ?


I acepted it, so if u where some points wanting #"/)" as mabye not..
i would not get my head pulled off...

But ill save the code and try it out, it looks like somthing that was worth this anyway..

So Thanks anyway.. .) I think i can use it for other purpose.

Michael V. Andersen


Old Question but anyway.. what i tryed to do was get Block that was Clicked on in game-map, i was properly tired :))

whatever you algo is nice tho.. understand it and already know where i can use it :))
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