Sizing JPEG files in Twips? Pixels?

I would like to load jpeg files into a fixed area on a form.
The area is 9870 wide * 7920 wide in Twips.  Someone else is taking the photos and they asked me how many pixels the pictures should be.  I thought that pixels were hardware dependant.  What information do i need to give them so that the pictures will fit in to my dedicated photo area.  I have never taken digital photos and i do not know what the criteria is in sizing them.
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a111a111a111Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Okay sorry.
you need

W= 658
H=  528

it /15
There are 1440 pixels in one inch.
emidiodAuthor Commented:
I thought there were 1440 twips per logical inch?  Anyways how do i get the pictures taken so that they will fit into my area which is 9870 * 7920 twips wide?

The following is from the VB Help file on ScaleMode

object.ScaleMode [= value]

The ScaleMode property syntax has these parts:

Part      Description
object      An object expression that evaluates to an object in the Applies To list.
value      An integer specifying the unit of measurement, as described in Settings.

The settings for value are:

Constant      Setting      Description
vbUser      0      Indicates that one or more of the ScaleHeight, ScaleWidth, ScaleLeft, and ScaleTop properties are set to custom values.
VbTwips      1      (Default) Twip (1440 twips per logical inch; 567 twips per logical centimeter).
VbPoints      2      Point (72 points per logical inch).
VbPixels      3      Pixel (smallest unit of monitor or printer resolution).
vbCharacters      4      Character (horizontal = 120 twips per unit; vertical = 240 twips per unit).
VbInches      5      Inch.
VbMillimeters      6      Millimeter.
VbCentimeters      7      Centimeter.
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internal measurement system is in twips, where there are 1440 twips per inch, so we actually need to measure in twips.
If you are using centimeters for your system unit of measure there are 567 twips per centimeter,
make it autosize = true
emidiodAuthor Commented:
Thanks a111a111a111:
I appreciate you help but I realize this.  I think you are missing my question.  I would like to know what info is needed for the camera guy to take pictures that will fit the size I need with no adjustments from my VB app.  
For example take any bmp check its H and W and then place it into VB picture box
and see the H and W there it will be X 15.

So if a VB picture area is 1500X1500 you need a picture size 100X100 from the scanner.
emidiodAuthor Commented:
What units are we talking here (ie in VB i'm assuming the 1500*1500 is in twips, what are the units of the 100*100 scanned image)
Yes 1500 are twips and 100 are the standard windows pixel size.
You can change the properties in your VB picture box to be twip or pixel or inch
or centimeter and so.

look at the properties of the image /  picture box.
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