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.BAT File  -is DOS Smart enough to  INCREMENT Filenames?!?

aniston asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-29
I would like to create a bat file that would look inside a directory and pkzip all *.txt files into a zip file called file1.zip.  
However if a pkzip file with that name already exists i want the pkzip file name to increment by 1; so in this case it would be file2.zip.

Is DOS smart enough to know how to do this?
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I wouldn't count on it :-)  Perhaps you could do it in QBasic?


I remember doing QBasic some 15 years ago so i have no idea how to even begin.
If it is possible in Qbasic could you provide the code on how it can seamlessly work with DOS through a bat file (or any file that dos can run -- like a bat file or exe).


The following is crude, but it works.

@echo off
dir *.txt /s/v/b/on > list
if not exist file1.zip goto noone
for %%c in (1 2 3 4 5 6) do if exist file%%c.zip goto %%c
rem if not exist file2.zip goto 2
rem if not exist file3.zip goto 3
rem if not exist file4.zip goto 4
rem if not exist file5.zip goto 5
d:pkzip -p file1.zip @list
goto end
d:pkzip -p file2.zip @list
goto end
d:pkzip -p file3.zip @list
goto end
d:pkzip -p file4.zip @list
goto end
d:pkzip -p file5.zip @list
goto end
d:pkzip -p file6.zip @list
goto end
d:pkzip -p file7.zip @list
goto end
del list

I use this to backup all the txt files on my harddrive.  I generally only keep three of the previous zip files, but I took it to 6 just in case I forgot to delete them for a while.  I had to use this method because MS-DOS cannot do a concatenated math function within an IF statement.
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Either of those batch files look good to me, as long as you don't need unlimited levels of files.
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