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Printer Problem

kstep asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-12
Printer Problem:  My problem appeared right after I moved a printer dip switch on my Seikosha  while it was still switched on and still connected to the computer. The Seikosha now prints each line twice. My spare, a Fujitsu, will print reluctantly and of a poor quality. A new Olivetti will not even recognize that it is connected to the computer.
There is another effect: 'The Enter Password' window appears with the promise that if you don't enter a password the window will not appear again - but it does, everytime I switch on the computer.
My computer is an Aptiva 486DX33  Model 2144-853 (SL-C) I downloaded the two versions of Bios Flash (M FLASH  & ODI FLASH) that was recommended for my model but neither of them would run. They both said that they didn't recognize my operating system
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Maybe your printer driver got corrupted when you moved the switch. Try removing and reinstalling the driver. I would also check bios settings for your parallel port, and that you have a good printer cable. What OS are you running? As for the password prompt, that's related to the networking setup on the machine. You can usually remove all files with a .pwl extension to get rid of the password prompt.

To expand on swwelch's answer concerning the password:

Control Panel - Networks - Primary Network Logon - if ANYTHING appears there,change it to "WINDOWS LOGON".

Delete \Windows\*.pwl

Reboot - it will present a username/password box one more time - change username to whatever you like,leave password blank,confirm it as blank,and this time it won't lie - no more password prompts.
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I tried a new printer cable and that cured the faults of two of the printers but not the Seikosha, the one that started the problem. I have installed printer drivers time and time again without any benefit.
I could not find any files with the extention pwl and even tried to find files with pwd, but to no avail. I still have the password window as a constant companion, but it isn't a great problem
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