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Can't turn the sound off!

ronallard asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-27
How do I turn the sound off when connecting to ISP. It drives my wife nuts! And she's after me enough for being on the computer -Pleeeeeeaaasse help me turn the sound off. I'm usint IE4.01, Dial-Up networking, and an internal modem. I've moved the slider volum setting to as low as it will go everywhere I can find it. Still plays LOUD and clear!!!
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1. first, you can try reinstalling the modem.
2. check and make sure that the slides stay at teh lowest  possible end
3. try turning off the speakers. that's what i do
4. MAYBE...you need to get a new driver???????????

what kind of modem do you have?

i would suggest going to the website of the modem maker. then findng an initialisation string that would turn the sound off. this is possible in most every modem and would be the most efficient i tihnk



Tried the reinstall, didn't work. Its not the sound card speakers it is the PC speaker.


I would like to award the points to Bushhead the points as he clued me in to where the problem might be. It seems my ISP had me put a string in the advanced section of the Modem properties in control panel. I didn't know what the string had the modem do but it was to get it to function on a 56k flex till they changed to V90. They changed but I never removed the special code. When I did, just now, the sound no longer plays. I can again shut it off with the slider...!

However, I dont have the option here to award points to anyone, so I don't know what to do to get bushhead the points?!?!?!?!
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Thanks for the lead...

If no ones told you how to eliminate the Modem "Sound"....Try this: Start/Settings/Control Panel/Modems/Properties/Connection/Advanced/Extra Settings/Type in   "M0"..... without the quotes (0 is Zero)
This works on most Modems :)


Have a resolution, but thanks!
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