I have a packard Bell, and the modem/sound card are one,
"Sound III 336SP"
I can't find it on the internet, but then I haven't looked hard, I am a new user and would like to see how this works, thanks!
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shintinsdas87Connect With a Mentor Commented:
check out i'll get you more info once i get it.
try these. i use them for my 56k modem:
1. at&f               this fixes your modem to factory settings, which is probably the best for your modem
2. AT+MS=11           forces modem to connect at 33600bps

you might try and see if the 56k init string works for you:  AT+MS=56

let me tell you where to put the init string:
1. go to control panel (in my computer)
2. double click on modem
3. select your modem and click on properties
4. click on the connection tab
5. click on Advanced button at bottom
6. type in the init string  in the extra settings box
7. ok
8 ok
9. close
10. good luck
The_big_oneAuthor Commented:
thanx, i found a page that made my modem to connect at 155200, thanx for your hard work shintnsdas87, i like people with determination,
sorry, but you're not really connected at 115200. that is the speed at which your computer and modem are communicating. i think to get the "real" speed you go to
hyperterminal and type at&w

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