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HP Color Laserjet 5--Duplexing

garwiliso asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-06-21
I need to be able to print on both sides of a sheet of paper on a color laserjet 5.  However, each time I try to do it, the printer jams and an error message is displayed.  It is critical to my business that I be able to do this "Manual Duplexing."  Is there any way to do this, and what are the risks if I do it?  I'm assuming that there is some kind of a sensor in the machine that can be disabled. let me know what you come up with.  Thanks
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I've spent several hours since posting this question, playing with my printer.  I've learned that Mark2150's answer is right on.  The printer was jamming on the reverse side due to the curl in the paper.  I was surprised because the curl seemed so slight.  However, the curl was causing the paper to try to wind itself around the printing drum instead of travelling straight through to the fuser.  I've been trying several tricks, including changing the output bin to the lower face up output bin so that the paper path is straighter.  I might also invest in a manual rear feed unit in order to further straighten the path.  I was already using the hammermill laser paper, which does provide a crisp look, and hopefully will be able to make the trek easier.  I have also turned the second page upside down in my design software so that I can feed it through the printer in reverse.  The reason for this is that the tail end of the paper seems to get curled less the first time through the paper than the front edge.  By turning the second page upside down, the the less curled tail end becomes the leading edge the second time through, which seems to help encourage the paper to go through the right paper path.  So far so good.  I'll keep my fingers crossed. thanks
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