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RamQuest 8/16 memory board

jcperkin asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-29
I have downloaded a driver from the Orchid web site but
I have only been able to configure the unit for expanded
memory.  Does anyone know how to configure it for extended
memory.  Im using 8 1 meg 890ns simms.  I bought the unit
used and don't have the manual.
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I've had some experience with Orchid. My opinion is, get rid of that card and get a SB16.
I've never seen a good Orchid driver.

network specialist
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joopvnetwork specialist

extra notes :
a 'bank' consists of 2 adjacent simm sockets.  The sockets that are closest to the mounting plate is bank 0.


Maybe I didn't make my question clear.  I have 8  1meg simms
installed and the driver program doesn't allow me to configure
any of it for extended memory.  It will however configure for
expanded memory which doesn't do me any good because win 3.1
can't use expanded memory. Thanks for the help.


If your running 95 with 8 mb, well you've just been lucky.

joopvnetwork specialist

How much memory do you have on the main board of your pc ?

What kind of mainboard is it ?

How much memory CAN you install on the mainboard ?

Does the config program produce an error message ?


Im using win 3.1  the computer is a dell 486p-25 with 4 4mb
parity sims total 16mb on main board. This is not the maximum
amount that can be used but all the sockets (4) are full.  

joopvnetwork specialist

>Im using win 3.1  the computer is a dell 486p-25 with 4 4mb
>parity sims total 16mb on main board.

Ok, so that explains why you can not setup any more extended memory.  Your 16 MB memory space is full.  Like i said before, you can not address memory above 16 MB on the ISA-16 bus.

Sorry, but as far as i can see from here you can not use your memory board to extend 16 to 24 MB.  The driver correctly refuses to do it - it is physically impossible.

This board is meant to be used with 286 class mainboards, not with 486 boards.


Ok, Thanks a lot.  I didn't know the on board memory was accessed
via the ISA16-bus.

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