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video quality for g2 plus/realmedia player.

ginooooo asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-26
My wife likes to visit thai video/radio sites in thailand. we us g2 plus beta and windows media player.Since streaming video is buffererd in available memory? what does this mean to get the best quality?

1. I have 64 meg SDRAM. Will more help?
2. I have an STB velocity 128 card with 4 meg. Will a 12 meg card improve things? What card or cards will help?

I hook up at 46 bps with my Robotics 56 x2 modem using a DELL XPS D300 computer.
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streaming technology a process by which the audio and video begins playing before the entire file has been downloaded this way you can enjoy the clip in something close to the" real time" rather than waiting for multi-megabyte files to drip into your computer, clips are buffered, or partially downloaded before they begin playing if there is a pileup on the information superhiway the buffered content plays until a connection can be re-established if the buffer runs out as happens frequently the video and audio stops while G2 rebuffers to compensates
but he bandwidth requirements are too high to allow smooth video on websites accessed with dail-up modems.


i understand how streaming video works. his response is saying nothing will work except maybe isdn or cable modem. i believe picture QUALITY can be better with a better video card or more internal memory.

A simple test to see if either more system memory or more video memory will improve performace try the following
lower the colors displayed and see if performce is better if it is you could use more video memory.
2.while veiwing streaming video open a non internet program if performance decrease more  system memory may help
3. while veiwing video have your mail program check you mail if your performance decreases then it is a connection program

see my below posted comment


while his answer is good, surely someone knows for sure how to increase video quality using live streaming. i have done what he has suggested in the past and quality has not changed. i have emailed real.com asking the same question and they have not responded/answered 3 times the same question. Is there a definitive answer using a modem to better the picture quality? If not, then what would, ISDN, asdl, satalite? I would hate to spend the big bucks if it did't work.


surely there are some benchmarks out there using streaming video.

your quality will only be as good as your weakest link which is currently the internet connection, when their is more bandwidth video will improve.I wiil look around to see if I can find you a alternative

I tried G2 I was not impressed, good luck

The problem is you are using a beta software and there is no telling if the released version will improve, The only thing that may improve it I believe is the released version of the software, after they get all the bugs out of it.
One thing you may want to try is the new microsoft media player
available at the following address and is a 2.5 meg download.


This may improve your viewing of streaming video, anyway it is worth a shot and it is free and released software not a beta.

It is a nice piece of software and works well.


i have used real player 5.0/plus/g2/g2 plus/all versions of microsoft media player including the newest/ and apple quicktime. While the video is ok for all, surely it can be enhanced on my monitor (20 inch trinitron). Again, any benchmarks out there using different video cards, win 95 vrs win 98, or more internal memory? thank you for help and replies.
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having more memory is never a bad thing if you can afford but without proper bandwithfor transport of images and sounds nothing will improve. Voice only (phone quality) uses 64 kbps (1 isdn channel) so for good video frame rate you would need much more.
adsl or cable modem will do it but as bbehm said if the site doesn't supprt it its waisted money.
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