I cannot get dao350.dll to load properly in VB 5.0.  I can get the listing to show up as a component, but when I select "OK" I get a "[path]\dao350.dll cannot be loaded".

Reinstall does not help.  
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MirkwoodConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Goto www.sysinternals.com and download filemon.
Filemon will tell you which file could not be loaded since it was missing.

Are you selecting DAO 350 as a component or as a reference?  It must be selected as a reference in order to work.
It is possible that DAO350.dll is not registered correctly. You could try manually going into the registry Hkeylocalmachine/software/microsoft/sharedtools/DAO350 and checking the path, or unregistering and reregistering the component. i.e. regsvr32 /u <path>\dao350.dll  to unregister and regsvr32 <path>\dao350.dll
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wileecoyAuthor Commented:
dirtdart: it appears that I was going about the process incorrectly - it is a 'reference', not a 'component'.

kacklehorn: That is also helpful information for improperly registered files.  Although it didn't solve this one, I will keep it in mind if I run into that in the future.
First check the following path whether the DAO350.dll is there or not. Path is c:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\dao\dao350.dll. It exists in the above path then there is no problem to work.

wileecoyAuthor Commented:
Below is the answer that worked for me - I was trying to select it as a component and needed to use it as a reference.
I'm not sure if doing the above put it into the directory you mentioned, and if your answer is a manual way to get it referenced.  Therefore, since it was already working from another answer, I won't grade you.
Thanks for your time.

"From: dirtdart Date: Monday, September 07 1998 - 12:42PM PDT  
Are you selecting DAO 350 as a component or as a reference?  It must be selected as a reference in order to work."
wileecoyAuthor Commented:
way back on 9/7 dirtdart answered my questions, but I was never given the opportunity to grade that answer.  Since I want to close this question - I decided to grade you.

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