How to setup ftp

How I can setup ftp or apache so I can uplodad new web pages to my server?
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You need to have the daemons installed (httpd and ftpd), then go to /etc/inetd.conf and uncomment (remove the "#") the appropriate daemons and set-up the ports...for more infomration visit:
and (you know these setup thing with daemons for security and stuff good take tons of pages...)

More info about you want to do since for ftp you only need to setup you network card.
JBURGHARDTAuthor Commented:
I need to be able to send using ftp files to apache server so I can change the wep pages I setup network card and IP address and apache server but when I logon using telnet and I try to move files to  /home/httpd/html it will not letme do it I use samba and I copy files to download folder and try to move the files.
JBURGHARDTAuthor Commented:
It seems that only root can copy files to /home/httpd/html when use ftp to send new webpages to my webserver so I what I need to do to upload web pages via ftp
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