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An easy one: CString to clipboard

MelissaC asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-02-01
Here's an easy 30 points for you experts:

I need to put a CString on the clipboard (without using OLE, if possible) , but I can't find the appropriate syntax.
The code's like this:

      CString str="I'm on the clipboard!!!";
      SetClipboardData( CF_TEXT ??, hData ??? ) // This line is the problem

Does anybody know how to do this? (Please reply with code...)
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From the help On SetClipboard I would try somthing like
HANDLE MemHandle;
char *memptr
unsigned int StrLen;
StrLen = (str.GetLength()+1) * sizeof( TCHAR );
MemHandle = GlobalAlloc(GMEM_MOVEABLE | GMEM_DDESHARE, StrLen);
memptr = GlobalLock( MemHandle );
ASSERT( memptr );
memset( memptr, 0, StrLen );
memcpy( memptr, (char*)(LPCTSTR)str );
GlobalUnlock( MemHandle )
SetClipboardText( CF_TEXT, MemHandle );

GlobalAlloc() a memory block with the GMEM_MOVEABLE and GMEM_DDESHARE flags. GlobalLock() it and CopyMemory() the CString into the memory and GlobalUnlock() it. Then pass the handle returned by GlobalAlloc() as hData.

Oops, I didn't see Andy Keys's comment. He provided you with the code. You may reject mine and accept Andy Keys's.

Regarding Andy Keys's code, StrLen = (str.GetLength()+1) * sizeof( TCHAR );

I think * sizeof( TCHAR ) is not needed because CString::GetLength returns a count of the bytes in the string rather than a count of the characters.


Sorry, Chensu. You're real helpful but I needed some code to insert in my program. I tried Andy Keys' code and it worked (with some alterations). Andy, if you propose an answer with your code, you've gained 30 points!
Thanks both of you!
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