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Can I play Tomb Rider I or II without CD?

neinei asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-30
I have a problem about playing Tomb Rider without the CD.
In my office, the CDROM drive is always used by other people. Please help me!!!
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Assuming you`ve installed ALL the files on the CD to your HD,
you need a utility like "fakecd". This is not *guaranteed* to
work, but it supposedly works on 8 out of 10 games. You can get
it here:<http://www.home.aone.net.au/gamepage/crackers.htm>
(Uhm,..you DO legally OWN the CD, right?)


If I use fakeCD, I have to execute infoCD command like this:
infoCD c:\bud\tombri~1 d, where d is CDROM drive. The problem is the CDROM drive is plugged in other computer named software3. My computer is software5 (no CDROM drive).
Can you help me my friend? I really love Lara Croft.
(Hehehehe...I do have my legaly CD! I am one of her fans)

Sorry, neinei, I`m afraid I don`t have a workaround for that:-(
If I come up with something I`ll let you know, but in the mean
time, reject my answer so that others here can take a stab at it.


In my own house, I can play TombRider with my OS Windows NT server 4.0 (on standalone PC). In my office, I work on Windows NT Workstation 4.0 which is connected to the Windows NT Server 4.0.
OK maN i wILL Help YOU

to PLAY TOmp yOU HAVe to COPY ALL cd To yoUR haRD disK
MAKE a A new DriVE J: EXmpe:
SUBST yoR Tomb LIb j:
suBst c:\TOMb J:


good LUKE


your plaaying video games at your job? you dont need fake CD everyone thinks that if you want to play a game without a cd, you need fake cd but you don't, fact is you can get illegal patches of the web so you can play without the cd,  but on the downside you dont get the music like in fake cd, but it saves a lot more space...i have a web page with the crack, or you can just search the web for it yourself.


Are you sure about subst command. I think you have typed wrong option.....the right one is like this  SUBST J: C:\TOMB
By the way...I still can't play TombRider. I have tried your idea, but it still doens't work. Sorry I can't give you the points.


To JLa, just add your comment to answer my question, and please give me the site.....If it's working, I will give you the points.
Okay, thanks in advance

try this site there are a lot other sites like this on the web


Sorry, I have to rejected your answer. The www.crackstore.com server is busy all the time. I can't join the site. Maybe you can give me another site, or may be another people can help me.
Thanks for everybody who has tried to help me, but I still can't play TombRider.

I'm not sure you understood the right way to use fakecd...
Make a directory, for example, called tomb. Copy *all* the files on your cd to that directory. You can do this in either DOS with xcopy /s or in windows by dragging the CD icon on the directory icon and releasing.

Then, when the files are where they're supposed to be, use fakecd to assign a letter to be your cd-rom-drive. Just look at fakecd's help text to find out how. The idea is to have this directory "tomb" to work just like a cd-rom drive. The network shouldn't interfere in any way.
Let me know if this helps,

Neinei, THERE IS almost NO WAY to run TR1 and 2 from HD :(((
No CD-faker will help you (and fakecd too).
TR game detects its own CD not only by CD-label, but also by number
of audio-tracks on it.
For CD-emulators, check http://home.kamp.net/home/stefan.kirschdorf/
Great site !!! Maybe you'll find some emulator that allows to
simulate audio tracks out of WAVs, but be prepared: 1 minute of
audio takes ~10MB of HD space. And you need to "rip" TR's CD with
help of WinDAC, CDDA, etc.

Write if you need any explanations.


I know what I've done. I have tried fakecd on another games, and it works, but it doesn't work on TombRider. Thanks for your concern to my problem.......


Sorry, I have tried all the shareware you have given to me, but I doesn't work.
Yesterday, I tried with my own way, and it a little bit worked.
I mapped the CDROM DRIVE and The TombRider Directory which is installed on other computer to my computer. The picture and the sound appear, but when I start to play...the program is back to the prompt immediately. I still can't play TombRider.
Can you help me?

Do you put attention on audio tracks ? Only this emulator can help you that can emulate CD
audio tracks as well. Also, TR1 and TR2 are different. TR1 is DOS-based, TR2 is Win95 one.
Also emulators should be DOS-based and Win95-based. As I said before, :) there is almost
no way you can run TR1&2 completely from HD (except you experienced hacker and can
crack it, and disable CD-audio :)

BTW, if you don't care about audio, check this:
There are cracks for TR2 - no CD.

You can reject this answer, if it not a way for you.

didt you say you couldnt get logged into crackstore.com?  if it still doesnt work i could try to get the crack myself and send it to you via email.

neinei: Raed all the comments above and wondering, why nobody mentioned the ultra-cool program named "Virtual CDROM". This prog is used to make a 100% copy of the whole CD and place it on your HD (it even compresses the data up to 25% !!!). It then creates a "virtual" CDROM drive-letter which you can easily use to install and run your game ! I have to admit I lost the URL to this prog, but I will find it for you ......

neinei: Here's the link - http://members.xoom.com/vcdrom/

It's really worth trying !

tommes, my URL contains VCD-ROM for Win95 with key-gen.


Dear : Busuka

Still doesn't work....hosh...hosh....I still can't play TR1.
I have mapped the CDROM drive and my TR Directory. The TR1 intro appeared on my monitor, but when it was going to start the main menu, I got a blank screen. Don't know why?
Sorry, your idea still can't work. I have downloaded VCD for NT, but still can't run well in my computer.
(NT Workstation 4.0)

Wait a minute ... VCD for Windows95 games ONLY. TR1 is DOS-based game. So try it with TR2.
About TR1 ... hmmm, just need to find *DOS-based* CD emulator, that can emulate audio tracks.

BTW, do you have ATI Rage video card ?


busuka :
VCD isn't only for Windows 95, but NT version too. I have tried to TR2 too, it recommends to install DirectX 5. I have installed the DirectX 5, but the installation procedure always ask me to install DirectX 5. No, I don't have ATI Rage video Card.



busuka :
VCD isn't only for Windows 95, but NT version too. I have tried to TR2 too, it recommends to install DirectX 5. I have installed the DirectX 5, but the installation procedure always ask me to install DirectX 5. No, I don't have ATI Rage video Card.

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