Routing IP under NT4

I have an NT4 with 2 netcards, one connected to my ISDN router and one connected to my LAN.

Id like to have the LAN side (NIC2) act as a gateway to the internet (on NIC1) the details could be:

NIC1: IP: subnet:
NIC2: IP:        subnet:

Assuming that I use route.exe to create the route what would be the command line?
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TSchockConnect With a Mentor Commented:
entering this command you will add a default route:

route add gateway metric 1

adding a route to network
route add mask gateway metric 1
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
Install RRAS of Option Pack 4, enable IP routing, it works automatically.
ffrandAuthor Commented:
installing more stuff on the machine is not acceptable, I just need to create a route, not upgrade the system.
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