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cd works but no music

I have an Epox MVP3-C 100Mhz motherboard, and an NEC 24x cd-rom, running in Windows 98. Data cd's run perfectly, but as soon as a music cd spools up and the cd player console comes up, the system locks. The combination works fine in windows 95, and some brands (ie. panasonic)of cd rom drives will play in 98. the rest of the system consists of -quantum 4.3
ess 1868 sound card
32 meg 100Mhz SDram
AMD K6 200 cpu
1.44 floppy
Motorola 56k modem
trident 9750 agp video card.
If anyone has encountered this problem before, or has a fix or knows of a patch for it I would greatly appreciate an answer.

1 Solution
I have seen many problems with audio CD's in 98, you may want to try the following as it has fixed similar issues in the past with Audio CD's

Try looking in your Registry for this Key


Remove the Volume Settings Entry and then try rebooting

Hope this helps
tyendcomAuthor Commented:
Thanks Craig,
 I followed your instructions, but there was no "volume settings" entry. maybe this is part of the problem? Any more ideas?
Here is what that part of the registry looks like:

(default)        (value not set)
description       "CD Audio Device (Media Control)"
Disabled          "0"
driver            "mcicda.drv"
Here is a Reg file that you can cut and paste into file called cd.reg
once you save it double click it and it should place this entry in your registry.


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\MediaResources\mci\cdaudio\unit 0]
"Volume Settings"=hex:00,00,00,00,ff,00,00,00

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tyendcomAuthor Commented:
Well that didn't work either. It created the registry key, but the system still locks when I insert a music CD. Thanks for the effort Craig, got any more ideas?

Hi there,

This might sound stupid, but do you have the audio lead connected to the mother board/CD if so then try checking that it has not shorted or broken.


This sounds more like a software issue than hardware.  Try turning off the autoplay feature and manually launching the cdplayer.exe and try playing the CD.

Could be a clobbered CD player program (or associated file).Try another type of player.ESS cards usually come bundled with Willow software,or you can find plenty trial or freeware players.  
Try checking NEC's site ( and find the newest driver for your CD-ROM.
    The one problem I have seen with this in Win98 is also because of
the ESS8168 audio drivers. You might want to try and get the updated
drvr's for that snd card. Remove everything involved with with the snd card
from device manager and install the new updated drivers which should take care of that.
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