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VB 5.0 with ODBC API

cheungje asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-03-10
I am having great difficulties getting VB 5.0 to work with ODBC API, the version that I have works with VB 4.0 16 bit version but does not work in 5.0???

What I am trying to do is bind the memory location of the array to SQLBindCol so that data can be bought back given the array size.  The code actually works for data type DOUBLE, the problem is with string or string array.

'ODBC stuff
Type ODBCStuff
  hEnv As Long
  hDbc As Long
  hstmt As Long
  hNum As Long
  hRowCount As Long
End Type
Global ODBC As ODBCStuff

'Testing stuff
Type StringStuff
  szData As String * 9
End Type

Type TestingStuff
  lTestNum(5) As Double
  cbTestNum(5) As Long
  szTestStr(5) As StringStuff
  cbTestStr(5) As Long
End Type
Global Testing As TestingStuff

'ODBC declaration
Global Const SQL_IS_INTEGER = -6
Global Const SQL_IS_POINTER = -4

Declare Function SQLSetStmtAttr Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hstmt As Long, ByVal fOption As Long, rgbValue As Any, ByVal vParam As Long) As Integer
Declare Function SQLFetchScroll Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hstmt As Long, ByVal fOption As Long, ByVal vParam As Long) As Integer
Declare Function SQLAllocConnect Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hEnv&, phdbc&) As Integer
Declare Function SQLAllocEnv Lib "odbc32.dll" (phenv&) As Integer
Declare Function SQLAllocStmt Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hDbc&, phstmt&) As Integer
Declare Function SQLConnect Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hDbc&, ByVal szDSN$, ByVal cbDSN%, ByVal szUID$, ByVal cbUID%, ByVal szAuthStr$, ByVal cbAuthStr%) As Integer
Declare Function SQLDisconnect Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hDbc&) As Integer
Declare Function SQLExecDirect Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hstmt&, ByVal szSqlStr$, ByVal cbSqlStr&) As Integer
Declare Function SQLFreeConnect Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hDbc&) As Integer
Declare Function SQLFreeEnv Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hEnv&) As Integer
Declare Function SQLFreeStmt Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hstmt&, ByVal fOption%) As Integer
Declare Function SQLBindCol Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hstmt&, ByVal icol%, ByVal fCType%, rgbValue As Any, ByVal cbValueMax&, pcbValue&) As Integer

'Button to trigger function
Private Sub Command1_Click()
  dim iLoop as integer
  Dim ReturnCode As Long
  Dim ODBCDriver As String
  Dim szQuery As String
  ODBC.hEnv = 0
  ODBC.hDbc = 0

  'No error check to simplify (for now...)
  ReturnCode = SQLAllocEnv(ODBC.hEnv)
  ReturnCode = SQLAllocConnect(ODBC.hEnv, ODBC.hDbc)

  ODBCDriver = "DSN=odbc_testing"
  ReturnCode = SQLDriverConnect(ODBC.hDbc, 0, ODBCDriver, Len(ODBCDriver), "", 0, 0, SQL_DRIVER_COMPLETE_REQUIRED)
  ReturnCode = SQLAllocStmt(ODBC.hDbc, ODBC.hstmt)
  ODBC.hRowCount = 5
  ReturnCode = SQLSetStmtAttr(ODBC.hstmt, SQL_ATTR_ROW_ARRAY_SIZE, ODBC.hRowCount, SQL_IS_INTEGER)

  ReturnCode = SQLBindCol(ODBC.hstmt, 1, SQL_C_DOUBLE, Testing.lTestNum(0), 8, Testing.cbTestNum(0))
  ReturnCode = SQLBindCol(ODBC.hstmt, 2, SQL_C_CHAR, Testing.szTestStr(0), len(Testing.szTestStr(0).szData), Testing.cbTestStr(0))
  szQuery = "SELECT test_num, test_str FROM testing"
  ReturnCode = SQLExecDirect(ODBC.hstmt, szQuery, SQL_NTS)
  Do While ReturnCode = SQL_SUCCESS Or ReturnCode = SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO
    ReturnCode = SQLFetchScroll(ODBC.hstmt, SQL_FETCH_NEXT, 0)
    If ReturnCode = SQL_SUCCESS Then
      for iLoop = 1 to ODBC.hNum
        MsgBox "Num is " & Str(Testing.lTestNum(iLoop-1))
        MsgBox "Str is " & Testing.szTestStr(iLoop-1).szData
      next iLoop
    End If
  ReturnCode = SQLDisconnect(ODBC.hDbc)
  ReturnCode = SQLFreeConnect(ODBC.hDbc)
  Exit Sub
End Sub

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Here is declaration of ODBC API unde 32 bits :

   '| ODBC Module Core Definitions                                           |
   '  ODBC Core API's Definitions -- 32 bit versions
   Declare Function SQLAllocConnect Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal henv&, phdbc&) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLAllocEnv Lib "odbc32.dll" (phenv&) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLAllocStmt Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hdbc&, phstmt&) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLBindCol Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, ByVal icol%, ByVal fCType%, rgbValue As Any, ByVal cbValueMax&, pcbValue&) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLCancel Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&) As Integer

   Declare Function SQLColAttributes Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, ByVal icol%, ByVal fDescType%, rgbDesc As Any, ByVal cbDescMax%, pcbDesc%, pfDesc&) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLColAttributesString Lib "odbc32.dll" Alias "SQLColAttributes" (ByVal hStmt&, ByVal icol%, ByVal fDescType%, ByVal rgbDesc As String, ByVal cbDescMax%, pcbDesc%, pfDesc&) As Integer

   Declare Function SQLConnect Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hdbc&, ByVal szDSN$, ByVal cbDSN%, ByVal szUID$, ByVal cbUID%, ByVal szAuthStr$, ByVal cbAuthStr%) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLDescribeCol Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, ByVal icol%, ByVal szColName$, ByVal cbColNameMax%, pcbColName%, pfSqlType%, pcbColDef&, pibScale%, pfNullable%) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLDisconnect Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hdbc&) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLError Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal henv&, ByVal hdbc&, ByVal hStmt&, ByVal szSqlState$, pfNativeError&, ByVal szErrorMsg$, ByVal cbErrorMsgMax%, pcbErrorMsg%) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLExecDirect Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, ByVal szSqlStr$, ByVal cbSqlStr&) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLExecute Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLFetch Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLFreeConnect Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hdbc&) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLFreeEnv Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal henv&) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLFreeStmt Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, ByVal fOption%) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLGetCursorName Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, ByVal szCursor$, ByVal cbCursorMax%, pcbCursor%) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLNumResultCols Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, pccol%) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLPrepare Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, ByVal szSqlStr$, ByVal cbSqlStr&) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLRowCount Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, pcrow&) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLSetCursorName Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, ByVal szCursor$, ByVal cbCursor%) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLSetParam Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, ByVal ipar%, ByVal fCType%, ByVal fSqlType%, ByVal cbColDef&, ByVal ibScale%, rgbValue As Any, pcbValue&) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLTransact Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal henv&, ByVal hdbc&, ByVal fType%) As Integer
   '| ODBC Module Extended Definitions                                       |
   ''  Level 1 Prototypes
   Declare Function SQLBindParameter Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, ByVal ipar%, ByVal fParamType%, ByVal fCType%, ByVal fSqlType%, ByVal cbColDef&, ByVal ibScale%, rgbValue As Any, ByVal cbValueMax&, pcbValue As Long) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLColumns Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, szTblQualifier As Any, ByVal cbTblQualifier%, szTblOwner As Any, ByVal cbTblOwner%, szTblName As Any, ByVal cbTblName%, szColName As Any, ByVal cbColName%) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLDriverConnect Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hdbc&, ByVal hWnd As Long, ByVal szCSIn$, ByVal cbCSIn%, ByVal szCSOut$, ByVal cbCSMax%, cbCSOut%, ByVal fDrvrComp%) As Integer

   Declare Function SQLGetConnecToption Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hdbc&, ByVal fOption%, ByRef pvParam As Any) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLGetConnecToptionString Lib "odbc32.dll" Alias "SQLGetConnecToption" (ByVal hdbc&, ByVal fOption%, ByVal pvParam As String) As Integer

   Declare Function SQLGetData Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, ByVal icol%, ByVal fCType%, ByVal rgbValue As String, ByVal cbValueMax&, pcbValue&) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLGetNumericData Lib "odbc32.dll" Alias "SQLGetData" (ByVal hStmt&, ByVal icol%, ByVal fCType%, ByRef rgbValue As Any, ByVal cbValueMax&, pcbValue&) As Integer

   Declare Function SQLGetFunctions Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hdbc&, ByVal fFunction%, pfExists%) As Integer

   Declare Function SQLGetInfo Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hdbc&, ByVal fInfoType%, ByRef rgbInfoValue As Any, ByVal cbInfoMax%, cbInfoOut%) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLGetInfoString Lib "odbc32.dll" Alias "SQLGetInfo" (ByVal hdbc&, ByVal fInfoType%, ByVal rgbInfoValue As String, ByVal cbInfoMax%, cbInfoOut%) As Integer

   Declare Function SQLGetStmToption Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, ByVal fOption%, ByRef pvParam As Any) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLGetStmToptionString Lib "odbc32.dll" Alias "SQLGetStmToption" (ByVal hStmt&, ByVal fOption%, ByVal pvParam As String) As Integer

   Declare Function SQLGetTypeInfo Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, ByVal fSqlType%) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLParamData Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, prgbValue As Any) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLPutData Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, rgbValue As Any, ByVal cbValue&) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLSetConnecToption Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hdbc&, ByVal fOption%, ByVal vParam As Any) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLSetConnectStringOption Lib "odbc32.dll" Alias "SQLSetConnecToption" (ByVal hdbc&, ByVal fOption%, vParam$) As Integer

   Declare Function SQLSetStmToption Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, ByVal fOption%, ByVal vParam&) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLSpecialColumns Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, ByVal fColType%, szTblQualifier As Any, ByVal cbTblQualifier%, szTblOwner As Any, ByVal cbTblOwner%, szTblName As Any, ByVal cbTblName%, ByVal fScope%, ByVal fNullable%) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLStatistics Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, szTblQualifier As Any, ByVal cbTblQualifier%, szTblOwner As Any, ByVal cbTblOwner%, szTblName As Any, ByVal cbTblName%, ByVal fUnique%, ByVal fAccuracy%) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLTables Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, szTblQualifier As Any, ByVal cbTblQualifier%, szTblOwner As Any, ByVal cbTblOwner%, szTblName As Any, ByVal cbTblName%, szTblType As Any, ByVal cbTblType%) As Integer

   '  Level 2 Prototypes
   Declare Function SQLBrowseConnect Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hdbc&, ByVal szConnStrIn$, ByVal cbConnStrIn%, ByVal szConnStrOut$, ByVal cbConnStrOutMax%, pcbConnStrOut%) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLColumnPrivileges Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, szTQf As Any, ByVal cbTQf%, szTOwn As Any, ByVal cbTOwn%, szTName As Any, ByVal cbTName%, szColName As Any, ByVal cbColName%) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLDrivers Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal henv&, ByVal fDirection%, ByVal szDriverDesc$, ByVal cbDriverDescMax%, pcbDriverDesc%, ByVal szDriverAttr$, ByVal cbDrvrAttrMax%, pcbDrvrAttr%) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLDataSources Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal henv&, ByVal fDirection%, ByVal szDSN$, ByVal cbDSNMax%, pcbDSN%, ByVal szDescription$, ByVal cbDescriptionMax%, pcbDescription%) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLDescribeParam Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, ByVal ipar%, pfSqlType%, pcbColDef&, pibScale%, pfNullable%) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLExtendedFetch Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, ByVal fFetchType%, ByVal irow&, pcrow&, rgfRowStatus%) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLForeignKeys Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, ByVal PTQual&, ByVal PTQual%, ByVal PTOwnr&, ByVal PTOwnr%, ByVal PTName&, ByVal PTName%, ByVal FTQual&, ByVal FTQf%, ByVal FTOwnr&, ByVal FTOwnr%, ByVal FTName&, ByVal FTName%) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLMoreResults Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLNativeSql Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hdbc&, ByVal szSqlStrIn$, ByVal cbSqlStrIn&, ByVal szSqlStr$, ByVal cbSqlStrMax&, pcbSqlStr&) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLNumParams Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, pcpar%) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLParamOptions Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, ByVal crow%, pirow&) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLPrimaryKeys Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, szTblQualifier As Any, ByVal cbTblQualifier%, szTblOwner As Any, ByVal cbTblOwner%, szTblName As Any, ByVal cbTblName%) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLProcedureColumns Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, szProcQualifier As Any, ByVal cbProcQualifier%, szProcOwner As Any, ByVal cbProcOwner%, szProcName As Any, ByVal cbProcName%, szColName As Any, ByVal cbColName%) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLProcedures Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, szProcQualifier As Any, ByVal cbProcQualifier%, szProcOwner As Any, ByVal cbProcOwner%, szProcName As Any, ByVal cbProcName%) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLSetPos Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, ByVal irow%, ByVal fOption%, ByVal fLock%) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLSetScrollOptions Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, ByVal fConcurrency%, ByVal crowKeyset&, ByVal crowRowset%) As Integer
   Declare Function SQLTablePrivileges Lib "odbc32.dll" (ByVal hStmt&, szTblQualifier As Any, ByVal cbTblQualifier%, szTblOwner As Any, ByVal cbTblOwner%, szTblName As Any, ByVal cbTblName%) As Integer
   '  32 Bit declares
   '  ODBC Constants/Types
   '  generally useful constants
   Global Const SQL_NTS As Long = -3                  '  NTS = Null Terminated String
   Global Const SQL_SQLSTATE_SIZE As Long = 5         '  size of SQLSTATE
   Global Const SQL_MAX_MESSAGE_LENGTH As Long = 512  '  message buffer size
   Global Const SQL_MAX_DSN_LENGTH As Long = 32       '  maximum data source name size

   '  RETCODEs
   Global Const SQL_ERROR As Long = -1
   Global Const SQL_INVALID_HANDLE As Long = -2
   Global Const SQL_NO_DATA_FOUND As Long = 100
   Global Const SQL_SUCCESS As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO As Long = 1

   '  SQLFreeStmt defines
   Global Const SQL_CLOSE As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_DROP As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_UNBIND As Long = 2
   Global Const SQL_RESET_PARAMS As Long = 3

   '  SQLSetParam defines
   Global Const SQL_C_DEFAULT As Long = 99

   '  SQLTransact defines
   Global Const SQL_COMMIT As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_ROLLBACK As Long = 1

   '  Standard SQL datatypes, using ANSI type numbering
   Global Const SQL_CHAR As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_NUMERIC As Long = 2
   Global Const SQL_DECIMAL As Long = 3
   Global Const SQL_INTEGER As Long = 4
   Global Const SQL_SMALLINT As Long = 5
   Global Const SQL_FLOAT As Long = 6
   Global Const SQL_REAL As Long = 7
   Global Const SQL_DOUBLE As Long = 8
   Global Const SQL_VARCHAR As Long = 12

   Global Const SQL_TYPE_MIN As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_TYPE_NULL As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_TYPE_MAX As Long = 12

   '  C datatype to SQL datatype mapping    SQL types
   Global Const SQL_C_CHAR As Long = SQL_CHAR         '  CHAR, VARCHAR, DECIMAL, NUMERIC
   Global Const SQL_C_LONG As Long = SQL_INTEGER      '  INTEGER
   Global Const SQL_C_SHORT As Long = SQL_SMALLINT    '  SMALLINT
   Global Const SQL_C_FLOAT As Long = SQL_REAL        '  REAL
   Global Const SQL_C_DOUBLE As Long = SQL_DOUBLE     '  FLOAT, DOUBLE

   '  NULL status constants.  These are used in SQLColumns, SQLColAttributes,
   '  SQLDescribeCol, and SQLSpecialColumns to describe the nullablity of a
   '  column in a table.  SQL_NULLABLE_UNKNOWN can be returned only by
   '  SQLDescribeCol or SQLColAttributes.  It is used when the DBMS's meta-data
   '  does not contain this info.
   Global Const SQL_NO_NULLS As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_NULLABLE As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_NULLABLE_UNKNOWN As Long = 2

   '  Special length values
   Global Const SQL_NULL_DATA As Long = -1
   Global Const SQL_DATA_AT_EXEC As Long = -2

   '  SQLColAttributes defines
   Global Const SQL_COLUMN_COUNT As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_COLUMN_NAME As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_COLUMN_TYPE As Long = 2
   Global Const SQL_COLUMN_LENGTH As Long = 3
   Global Const SQL_COLUMN_PRECISION As Long = 4
   Global Const SQL_COLUMN_SCALE As Long = 5
   Global Const SQL_COLUMN_DISPLAY_SIZE As Long = 6
   Global Const SQL_COLUMN_NULLABLE As Long = 7
   Global Const SQL_COLUMN_UNSIGNED As Long = 8
   Global Const SQL_COLUMN_MONEY As Long = 9
   Global Const SQL_COLUMN_UPDATABLE As Long = 10
   Global Const SQL_COLUMN_AUTO_INCREMENT As Long = 11
   Global Const SQL_COLUMN_CASE_SENSITIVE As Long = 12
   Global Const SQL_COLUMN_SEARCHABLE As Long = 13
   Global Const SQL_COLUMN_TYPE_NAME As Long = 14
   Global Const SQL_COLUMN_TABLE_NAME As Long = 15
   Global Const SQL_COLUMN_OWNER_NAME As Long = 16
   Global Const SQL_COLUMN_QUALIFIER_NAME As Long = 17
   Global Const SQL_COLUMN_LABEL As Long = 18

   '  SQLColAttributes subdefines for SQL_COLUMN_UPDATABLE
   Global Const SQL_ATTR_READONLY As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_ATTR_WRITE As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_ATTR_READWRITE_UNKNOWN As Long = 2

   '  SQLColAttributes subdefines for SQL_COLUMN_SEARCHABLE
   '  These are also used by SQLGetInfo
   Global Const SQL_UNSEARCHABLE As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_LIKE_ONLY As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_ALL_EXCEPT_LIKE As Long = 2
   Global Const SQL_SEARCHABLE As Long = 3

   '  SQLError defines
   Global Const SQL_NULL_HENV As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_NULL_HDBC As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_NULL_HSTMT As Long = 0

   '| ODBC Global Extended Definitions                                       |

   ' Level 1 Definitions/Functions
   ' Generally useful constants

   ' Additional return codes
   Global Const SQL_STILL_EXECUTING As Long = 2
   Global Const SQL_NEED_DATA As Long = 99

   ' SQL extended datatypes
   Global Const SQL_DATE As Long = 9
   Global Const SQL_TIME As Long = 10
   Global Const SQL_TIMESTAMP As Long = 11
   Global Const SQL_LONGVARCHAR As Long = -1
   Global Const SQL_BINARY As Long = -2
   Global Const SQL_VARBINARY As Long = -3
   Global Const SQL_LONGVARBINARY As Long = -4
   Global Const SQL_BIGINT As Long = -5
   Global Const SQL_TINYINT As Long = -6
   Global Const SQL_BIT As Long = -7
   Global Const SQL_TYPE_DRIVER_START As Long = -80

   ' C datatype to SQL datatype mapping
   Global Const SQL_SIGNED_OFFSET As Long = -20
   Global Const SQL_UNSIGNED_OFFSET As Long = -22

   Global Const SQL_C_DATE As Long = SQL_DATE
   Global Const SQL_C_TIME As Long = SQL_TIME
   Global Const SQL_C_BINARY As Long = SQL_BINARY
   Global Const SQL_C_BIT As Long = SQL_BIT
   Global Const SQL_C_TINYINT As Long = SQL_TINYINT
   Global Const SQL_C_BOOKMARK As Long = SQL_C_ULONG

   Global Const SQL_ALL_TYPES As Long = 0
   '  Date/Time/Timestamp Structs
      year      As Integer
      month     As Integer
      day       As Integer
   End Type

      hour      As Integer
      minute    As Integer
      second    As Integer
   End Type

      year      As Integer
      month     As Integer
      day       As Integer
      hour      As Integer
      minute    As Integer
      second    As Integer
      fraction  As Long
   End Type

   ' Options for SQLDriverConnect
   Global Const SQL_DRIVER_NOPROMPT As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_DRIVER_COMPLETE As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_DRIVER_PROMPT As Long = 2

   ' Special return values for SQLGetData
   Global Const SQL_NO_TOTAL As Long = -4

   ' SQLSetParam extensions
   Global Const SQL_DEFAULT_PARAM As Long = -5
   Global Const SQL_IGNORE As Long = -6
   Global Const SQL_LEN_DATA_AT_EXEC_OFFSET As Long = -100

   ' Defines for SQLGetFunctions
   ' Core Functions
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLALLOCCONNECT As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLALLOCENV As Long = 2
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLALLOCSTMT As Long = 3
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLBINDCOL As Long = 4
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLCANCEL As Long = 5
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLCOLATTRIBUTES As Long = 6
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLCONNECT As Long = 7
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLDESCRIBECOL As Long = 8
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLDISCONNECT As Long = 9
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLERROR As Long = 10
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLEXECDIRECT As Long = 11
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLEXECUTE As Long = 12
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLFETCH As Long = 13
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLFREECONNECT As Long = 14
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLFREEENV As Long = 15
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLFREESTMT As Long = 16
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLGETCURSORNAME As Long = 17
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLNUMRESULTCOLS As Long = 18
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLPREPARE As Long = 19
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLROWCOUNT As Long = 20
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLSETCURSORNAME As Long = 21
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLSETPARAM As Long = 22
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLTRANSACT As Long = 23
   Global Const SQL_NUM_FUNCTIONS As Long = 23
   Global Const SQL_EXT_API_START As Long = 40

   ' Level 1 Functions
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLCOLUMNS As Long = 40
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLDRIVERCONNECT As Long = 41
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLGETCONNECTopTION As Long = 42
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLGETDATA As Long = 43
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLGETFUNCTIONS As Long = 44
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLGETINFO As Long = 45
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLGETSTMTopTION As Long = 46
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLGETTYPEINFO As Long = 47
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLPARAMDATA As Long = 48
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLPUTDATA As Long = 49
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLSETCONNECTopTION As Long = 50
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLSETSTMTopTION As Long = 51
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLSPECIALCOLUMNS As Long = 52
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLSTATISTICS As Long = 53
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLTABLES As Long = 54

   ' Level 2 Functions
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLBROWSECONNECT As Long = 55
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLDATASOURCES As Long = 57
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLDESCRIBEPARAM As Long = 58
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLEXTENDEDFETCH As Long = 59
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLFOREIGNKEYS As Long = 60
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLMORERESULTS As Long = 61
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLNATIVESQL As Long = 62
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLNUMPARAMS As Long = 63
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLPARAMOPTIONS As Long = 64
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLPRIMARYKEYS As Long = 65
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLPROCEDURES As Long = 67
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLSETPOS As Long = 68
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLDRIVERS As Long = 71
   Global Const SQL_API_SQLBINDPARAMETER As Long = 72

   Global Const SQL_EXT_API_LAST As Long = 72
   Global Const SQL_API_ALL_FUNCTIONS As Long = 0


   ' Defines for SQLGetInfo
   Global Const SQL_INFO_FIRST As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_ACTIVE_CONNECTIONS As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_ACTIVE_STATEMENTS As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_DATA_SOURCE_NAME As Long = 2
   Global Const SQL_DRIVER_HDBC As Long = 3
   Global Const SQL_DRIVER_HENV As Long = 4
   Global Const SQL_DRIVER_HSTMT As Long = 5
   Global Const SQL_DRIVER_NAME As Long = 6
   Global Const SQL_DRIVER_VER As Long = 7
   Global Const SQL_FETCH_DIRECTION As Long = 8
   Global Const SQL_ODBC_API_CONFORMANCE As Long = 9
   Global Const SQL_ODBC_VER As Long = 10
   Global Const SQL_ROW_UPDATES As Long = 11
   Global Const SQL_ODBC_SAG_CLI_CONFORMANCE As Long = 12
   Global Const SQL_SERVER_NAME As Long = 13
   Global Const SQL_SEARCH_PATTERN_ESCAPE As Long = 14
   Global Const SQL_ODBC_SQL_CONFORMANCE As Long = 15

   Global Const SQL_DBMS_NAME As Long = 17
   Global Const SQL_DBMS_VER As Long = 18

   Global Const SQL_ACCESSIBLE_TABLES As Long = 19
   Global Const SQL_ACCESSIBLE_PROCEDURES As Long = 20
   Global Const SQL_PROCEDURES As Long = 21
   Global Const SQL_CONCAT_NULL_BEHAVIOR As Long = 22
   Global Const SQL_CURSOR_COMMIT_BEHAVIOR As Long = 23
   Global Const SQL_DATA_SOURCE_READ_ONLY As Long = 25
   Global Const SQL_DEFAULT_TXN_ISOLATION As Long = 26
   Global Const SQL_EXPRESSIONS_IN_ORDERBY As Long = 27
   Global Const SQL_IDENTIFIER_CASE As Long = 28
   Global Const SQL_IDENTIFIER_QUOTE_CHAR As Long = 29
   Global Const SQL_MAX_COLUMN_NAME_LEN As Long = 30
   Global Const SQL_MAX_CURSOR_NAME_LEN As Long = 31
   Global Const SQL_MAX_OWNER_NAME_LEN As Long = 32
   Global Const SQL_MAX_PROCEDURE_NAME_LEN As Long = 33
   Global Const SQL_MAX_QUALIFIER_NAME_LEN As Long = 34
   Global Const SQL_MAX_TABLE_NAME_LEN As Long = 35
   Global Const SQL_MULT_RESULT_SETS As Long = 36
   Global Const SQL_MULTIPLE_ACTIVE_TXN As Long = 37
   Global Const SQL_OUTER_JOINS As Long = 38
   Global Const SQL_OWNER_TERM As Long = 39
   Global Const SQL_PROCEDURE_TERM As Long = 40
   Global Const SQL_QUALIFIER_TERM As Long = 42
   Global Const SQL_SCROLL_CONCURRENCY As Long = 43
   Global Const SQL_SCROLL_OPTIONS As Long = 44
   Global Const SQL_TABLE_TERM As Long = 45
   Global Const SQL_TXN_CAPABLE As Long = 46
   Global Const SQL_USER_NAME As Long = 47

   Global Const SQL_CONVERT_FUNCTIONS As Long = 48
   Global Const SQL_NUMERIC_FUNCTIONS As Long = 49
   Global Const SQL_STRING_FUNCTIONS As Long = 50
   Global Const SQL_SYSTEM_FUNCTIONS As Long = 51
   Global Const SQL_TIMEDATE_FUNCTIONS As Long = 52

   Global Const SQL_CONVERT_BIGINT As Long = 53
   Global Const SQL_CONVERT_BINARY As Long = 54
   Global Const SQL_CONVERT_BIT As Long = 55
   Global Const SQL_CONVERT_CHAR As Long = 56
   Global Const SQL_CONVERT_DATE As Long = 57
   Global Const SQL_CONVERT_DECIMAL As Long = 58
   Global Const SQL_CONVERT_DOUBLE As Long = 59
   Global Const SQL_CONVERT_FLOAT As Long = 60
   Global Const SQL_CONVERT_INTEGER As Long = 61
   Global Const SQL_CONVERT_LONGVARCHAR As Long = 62
   Global Const SQL_CONVERT_NUMERIC As Long = 63
   Global Const SQL_CONVERT_REAL As Long = 64
   Global Const SQL_CONVERT_SMALLINT As Long = 65
   Global Const SQL_CONVERT_TIME As Long = 66
   Global Const SQL_CONVERT_TIMESTAMP As Long = 67
   Global Const SQL_CONVERT_TINYINT As Long = 68
   Global Const SQL_CONVERT_VARBINARY As Long = 69
   Global Const SQL_CONVERT_VARCHAR As Long = 70
   Global Const SQL_CONVERT_LONGVARBINARY As Long = 71

   Global Const SQL_TXN_ISOLATION_OPTION As Long = 72
   Global Const SQL_ODBC_SQL_OPT_IEF As Long = 73
   Global Const SQL_CORRELATION_NAME As Long = 74
   Global Const SQL_NON_NULLABLE_COLUMNS As Long = 75
   Global Const SQL_DRIVER_HLIB As Long = 76
   Global Const SQL_DRIVER_ODBC_VER As Long = 77
   Global Const SQL_LOCK_TYPES As Long = 78
   Global Const SQL_POS_OPERATIONS As Long = 79
   Global Const SQL_POSITIONED_STATEMENTS As Long = 80
   Global Const SQL_GETDATA_EXTENSIONS As Long = 81
   Global Const SQL_BOOKMARK_PERSISTENCE As Long = 82
   Global Const SQL_STATIC_SENSITIVITY As Long = 83
   Global Const SQL_FILE_USAGE As Long = 84
   Global Const SQL_NULL_COLLATION As Long = 85
   Global Const SQL_ALTER_TABLE As Long = 86
   Global Const SQL_COLUMN_ALIAS As Long = 87
   Global Const SQL_GROUP_BY As Long = 88
   Global Const SQL_KEYWORDS As Long = 89
   Global Const SQL_ORDER_BY_COLUMNS_IN_SELECT As Long = 90
   Global Const SQL_OWNER_USAGE As Long = 91
   Global Const SQL_QUALIFIER_USAGE As Long = 92
   Global Const SQL_QUOTED_IDENTIFIER_CASE As Long = 93
   Global Const SQL_SPECIAL_CHARACTERS As Long = 94
   Global Const SQL_SUBQUERIES As Long = 95
   Global Const SQL_UNION As Long = 96
   Global Const SQL_MAX_COLUMNS_IN_GROUP_BY As Long = 97
   Global Const SQL_MAX_COLUMNS_IN_INDEX As Long = 98
   Global Const SQL_MAX_COLUMNS_IN_ORDER_BY As Long = 99
   Global Const SQL_MAX_COLUMNS_IN_SELECT As Long = 100
   Global Const SQL_MAX_COLUMNS_IN_TABLE As Long = 101
   Global Const SQL_MAX_INDEX_SIZE As Long = 102
   Global Const SQL_MAX_ROW_SIZE_INCLUDES_LONG As Long = 103
   Global Const SQL_MAX_ROW_SIZE As Long = 104
   Global Const SQL_MAX_STATEMENT_LEN As Long = 105
   Global Const SQL_MAX_TABLES_IN_SELECT As Long = 106
   Global Const SQL_MAX_USER_NAME_LEN As Long = 107
   Global Const SQL_MAX_CHAR_LITERAL_LEN As Long = 108
   Global Const SQL_TIMEDATE_ADD_INTERVALS As Long = 109
   Global Const SQL_TIMEDATE_DIFF_INTERVALS As Long = 110
   Global Const SQL_NEED_LONG_DATA_LEN As Long = 111
   Global Const SQL_MAX_BINARY_LITERAL_LEN As Long = 112
   Global Const SQL_LIKE_ESCAPE_CLAUSE As Long = 113
   Global Const SQL_QUALIFIER_LOCATION As Long = 114

   Global Const SQL_INFO_DRIVER_START As Long = 1000

   ' "SQL_CONVERT_" return value bitmasks
   Global Const SQL_CVT_CHAR As Long = &H1&
   Global Const SQL_CVT_NUMERIC As Long = &H2&
   Global Const SQL_CVT_DECIMAL As Long = &H4&
   Global Const SQL_CVT_INTEGER As Long = &H8&
   Global Const SQL_CVT_SMALLINT As Long = &H10&
   Global Const SQL_CVT_FLOAT As Long = &H20&
   Global Const SQL_CVT_REAL As Long = &H40&
   Global Const SQL_CVT_DOUBLE As Long = &H80&
   Global Const SQL_CVT_VARCHAR As Long = &H100&
   Global Const SQL_CVT_LONGVARCHAR As Long = &H200&
   Global Const SQL_CVT_BINARY As Long = &H400&
   Global Const SQL_CVT_VARBINARY As Long = &H800&
   Global Const SQL_CVT_BIT As Long = &H1000&
   Global Const SQL_CVT_TINYINT As Long = &H2000&
   Global Const SQL_CVT_BIGINT As Long = &H4000&
   Global Const SQL_CVT_DATE As Long = &H8000&
   Global Const SQL_CVT_TIME As Long = &H10000
   Global Const SQL_CVT_TIMESTAMP As Long = &H20000
   Global Const SQL_CVT_LONGVARBINARY As Long = &H40000

   ' Conversion functions
   Global Const SQL_FN_CVT_CONVERT As Long = &H1&

   ' String functions
   Global Const SQL_FN_STR_CONCAT As Long = &H1&
   Global Const SQL_FN_STR_INSERT As Long = &H2&
   Global Const SQL_FN_STR_LEFT As Long = &H4&
   Global Const SQL_FN_STR_LTRIM As Long = &H8&
   Global Const SQL_FN_STR_LENGTH As Long = &H10&
   Global Const SQL_FN_STR_LOCATE As Long = &H20&
   Global Const SQL_FN_STR_LCASE As Long = &H40&
   Global Const SQL_FN_STR_REPEAT As Long = &H80&
   Global Const SQL_FN_STR_REPLACE As Long = &H100&
   Global Const SQL_FN_STR_RIGHT As Long = &H200&
   Global Const SQL_FN_STR_RTRIM As Long = &H400&
   Global Const SQL_FN_STR_SUBSTRING As Long = &H800&
   Global Const SQL_FN_STR_UCASE As Long = &H1000&
   Global Const SQL_FN_STR_ASCII As Long = &H2000&
   Global Const SQL_FN_STR_CHAR As Long = &H4000&
   Global Const SQL_FN_STR_DIFFERENCE As Long = &H8000&
   Global Const SQL_FN_STR_LOCATE_2 As Long = &H10000
   Global Const SQL_FN_STR_SOUNDEX As Long = &H20000
   Global Const SQL_FN_STR_SPACE As Long = &H40000

   ' Numeric functions
   Global Const SQL_FN_NUM_ABS As Long = &H1&
   Global Const SQL_FN_NUM_ACOS As Long = &H2&
   Global Const SQL_FN_NUM_ASIN As Long = &H4&
   Global Const SQL_FN_NUM_ATAN As Long = &H8&
   Global Const SQL_FN_NUM_ATAN2 As Long = &H10&
   Global Const SQL_FN_NUM_CEILING As Long = &H20&
   Global Const SQL_FN_NUM_COS As Long = &H40&
   Global Const SQL_FN_NUM_COT As Long = &H80&
   Global Const SQL_FN_NUM_EXP As Long = &H100&
   Global Const SQL_FN_NUM_FLOOR As Long = &H200&
   Global Const SQL_FN_NUM_LOG As Long = &H400&
   Global Const SQL_FN_NUM_MOD As Long = &H800&
   Global Const SQL_FN_NUM_SIGN As Long = &H1000&
   Global Const SQL_FN_NUM_SIN As Long = &H2000&
   Global Const SQL_FN_NUM_SQRT As Long = &H4000&
   Global Const SQL_FN_NUM_TAN As Long = &H8000&
   Global Const SQL_FN_NUM_PI As Long = &H10000
   Global Const SQL_FN_NUM_RAND As Long = &H20000
   Global Const SQL_FN_NUM_DEGREES As Long = &H40000
   Global Const SQL_FN_NUM_LOG10 As Long = &H80000
   Global Const SQL_FN_NUM_POWER As Long = &H100000
   Global Const SQL_FN_NUM_RADIANS As Long = &H200000
   Global Const SQL_FN_NUM_ROUND As Long = &H400000
   Global Const SQL_FN_NUM_TRUNCATE As Long = &H800000

   ' Time/date functions
   Global Const SQL_FN_TD_NOW As Long = &H1&
   Global Const SQL_FN_TD_CURDATE As Long = &H2&
   Global Const SQL_FN_TD_DAYOFMONTH As Long = &H4&
   Global Const SQL_FN_TD_DAYOFWEEK As Long = &H8&
   Global Const SQL_FN_TD_DAYOFYEAR As Long = &H10&
   Global Const SQL_FN_TD_MONTH As Long = &H20&
   Global Const SQL_FN_TD_QUARTER As Long = &H40&
   Global Const SQL_FN_TD_WEEK As Long = &H80&
   Global Const SQL_FN_TD_YEAR As Long = &H100&
   Global Const SQL_FN_TD_CURTIME As Long = &H200&
   Global Const SQL_FN_TD_HOUR As Long = &H400&
   Global Const SQL_FN_TD_MINUTE As Long = &H800&
   Global Const SQL_FN_TD_SECOND As Long = &H1000&
   Global Const SQL_FN_TD_TIMESTAMPADD As Long = &H2000&
   Global Const SQL_FN_TD_TIMESTAMPDIFF As Long = &H4000&
   Global Const SQL_FN_TD_DAYNAME As Long = &H8000&
   Global Const SQL_FN_TD_MONTHNAME As Long = &H10000

   ' System functions
   Global Const SQL_FN_SYS_USERNAME As Long = &H1&
   Global Const SQL_FN_SYS_DBNAME As Long = &H2&
   Global Const SQL_FN_SYS_IFNULL As Long = &H4&

   ' Timedate intervals
   Global Const SQL_FN_TSI_FRAC_SECOND As Long = &H1&
   Global Const SQL_FN_TSI_SECOND As Long = &H2&
   Global Const SQL_FN_TSI_MINUTE As Long = &H4&
   Global Const SQL_FN_TSI_HOUR As Long = &H8&
   Global Const SQL_FN_TSI_DAY As Long = &H10&
   Global Const SQL_FN_TSI_WEEK As Long = &H20&
   Global Const SQL_FN_TSI_MONTH As Long = &H40&
   Global Const SQL_FN_TSI_QUARTER As Long = &H80&
   Global Const SQL_FN_TSI_YEAR As Long = &H100&

   ' ODBC API conformance
   Global Const SQL_OAC_NONE As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_OAC_LEVEL1 As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_OAC_LEVEL2 As Long = 2

   ' SAG CLI conformance
   Global Const SQL_OSCC_NOT_COMPLIANT As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_OSCC_COMPLIANT As Long = 1

   ' ODBC SQL conformance
   Global Const SQL_OSC_MINIMUM As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_OSC_CORE As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_OSC_EXTENDED As Long = 2

   ' Concatenation behavior
   Global Const SQL_CB_NULL As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_CB_NON_NULL As Long = 1

   ' Cursor commit behavior
   Global Const SQL_CB_DELETE As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_CB_CLOSE As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_CB_PRESERVE As Long = 2

   ' Identifier case
   Global Const SQL_IC_UPPER As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_IC_LOWER As Long = 2
   Global Const SQL_IC_SENSITIVE As Long = 3
   Global Const SQL_IC_MIXED As Long = 4

   ' Transaction capable
   Global Const SQL_TC_NONE As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_TC_DML As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_TC_ALL As Long = 2
   Global Const SQL_TC_DDL_COMMIT As Long = 3
   Global Const SQL_TC_DDL_IGNORE As Long = 4

   ' Scroll option masks
   Global Const SQL_SO_FORWARD_ONLY As Long = &H1&
   Global Const SQL_SO_KEYSET_DRIVEN As Long = &H2&
   Global Const SQL_SO_DYNAMIC As Long = &H4&
   Global Const SQL_SO_MIXED As Long = &H8&
   Global Const SQL_SO_STATIC As Long = &H10&

   ' Scroll concurrency option masks
   Global Const SQL_SCCO_READ_ONLY As Long = &H1&
   Global Const SQL_SCCO_LOCK As Long = &H2&
   Global Const SQL_SCCO_OPT_ROWVER As Long = &H4&
   Global Const SQL_SCCO_OPT_VALUES As Long = &H8&

   ' Fetch direction option masks
   Global Const SQL_FD_FETCH_NEXT As Long = &H1&
   Global Const SQL_FD_FETCH_FIRST As Long = &H2&
   Global Const SQL_FD_FETCH_LAST As Long = &H4&
   Global Const SQL_FD_FETCH_PRIOR As Long = &H8&
   Global Const SQL_FD_FETCH_ABSOLUTE As Long = &H10&
   Global Const SQL_FD_FETCH_RELATIVE As Long = &H20&
   Global Const SQL_FD_FETCH_RESUME As Long = &H40&
   Global Const SQL_FD_FETCH_BOOKMARK As Long = &H80&

   ' Transaction isolation option masks
   Global Const SQL_TXN_READ_UNCOMMITTED As Long = &H1&
   Global Const SQL_TXN_READ_COMMITTED As Long = &H2&
   Global Const SQL_TXN_REPEATABLE_READ As Long = &H4&
   Global Const SQL_TXN_SERIALIZABLE As Long = &H8&
   Global Const SQL_TXN_VERSIONING As Long = &H10&

   ' Correlation name
   Global Const SQL_CN_NONE As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_CN_DIFFERENT As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_CN_ANY As Long = 2

   ' Non-nullable columns
   Global Const SQL_NNC_NULL As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_NNC_NON_NULL As Long = 1

   ' Null collation
   Global Const SQL_NC_HIGH As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_NC_LOW As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_NC_START As Long = 2
   Global Const SQL_NC_END As Long = 4

   ' File usage
   Global Const SQL_FILE_NOT_SUPPORTED As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_FILE_TABLE As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_FILE_QUALIFIER As Long = 2

   ' SQLGetData extensions masks
   Global Const SQL_GD_ANY_COLUMN As Long = &H1&
   Global Const SQL_GD_ANY_ORDER As Long = &H2&
   Global Const SQL_GD_BLOCK As Long = &H4&
   Global Const SQL_GD_BOUND As Long = &H8&

   ' Alter table
   Global Const SQL_AT_ADD_COLUMN As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_AT_DROP_COLUMN As Long = 2

   ' Positioned statements masks
   Global Const SQL_PS_POSITIONED_DELETE As Long = &H1&
   Global Const SQL_PS_POSITIONED_UPDATE As Long = &H2&
   Global Const SQL_PS_SELECT_FOR_UPDATE As Long = &H4&

   ' Group By
   Global Const SQL_GB_NOT_SUPPORTED As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_GB_GROUP_BY_EQUALS_SELECT As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_GB_NO_RELATION As Long = 3

   ' Owner usage masks
   Global Const SQL_OU_DML_STATEMENTS As Long = &H1&
   Global Const SQL_OU_PROCEDURE_INVOCATION As Long = &H2&
   Global Const SQL_OU_TABLE_DEFINITION As Long = &H4&
   Global Const SQL_OU_INDEX_DEFINITION As Long = &H8&
   Global Const SQL_OU_PRIVILEGE_DEFINITION As Long = &H10&

   ' Qualifier usage masks
   Global Const SQL_QU_DML_STATEMENTS As Long = &H1&
   Global Const SQL_QU_PROCEDURE_INVOCATION As Long = &H2&
   Global Const SQL_QU_TABLE_DEFINITION As Long = &H4&
   Global Const SQL_QU_INDEX_DEFINITION As Long = &H8&
   Global Const SQL_QU_PRIVILEGE_DEFINITION As Long = &H10&

   ' Subqueries masks
   Global Const SQL_SQ_COMPARISON As Long = &H1&
   Global Const SQL_SQ_EXISTS As Long = &H2&
   Global Const SQL_SQ_IN As Long = &H4&
   Global Const SQL_SQ_QUANTIFIED As Long = &H8&
   Global Const SQL_SQ_CORRELATED_SUBQUERIES As Long = &H10&

   ' Union masks
   Global Const SQL_U_UNION As Long = &H1&
   Global Const SQL_U_UNION_ALL As Long = &H2&

   ' Bookmark persistence
   Global Const SQL_BP_CLOSE As Long = &H1&
   Global Const SQL_BP_DELETE As Long = &H2&
   Global Const SQL_BP_DROP As Long = &H4&
   Global Const SQL_BP_TRANSACTION As Long = &H8&
   Global Const SQL_BP_UPDATE As Long = &H10&
   Global Const SQL_BP_OTHER_HSTMT As Long = &H20&
   Global Const SQL_BP_SCROLL As Long = &H40&

   ' Static sensitivity
   Global Const SQL_SS_ADDITIONS As Long = &H1&
   Global Const SQL_SS_DELETIONS As Long = &H2&
   Global Const SQL_SS_UPDATES As Long = &H4&

   ' Lock types masks
   Global Const SQL_LCK_NO_CHANGE As Long = &H1&
   Global Const SQL_LCK_EXCLUSIVE As Long = &H2&
   Global Const SQL_LCK_UNLOCK As Long = &H4&

   ' Positioned operations masks
   Global Const SQL_POS_POSITION As Long = &H1&
   Global Const SQL_POS_REFRESH As Long = &H2&
   Global Const SQL_POS_UPDATE As Long = &H4&
   Global Const SQL_POS_DELETE As Long = &H8&
   Global Const SQL_POS_ADD As Long = &H10&

   ' Qualifier location
   Global Const SQL_QL_START As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_QL_END As Long = 2

   ' Options for SQLGetStmToption/SQLSetStmToption
   Global Const SQL_QUERY_TIMEOUT As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_MAX_ROWS As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_NOSCAN As Long = 2
   Global Const SQL_MAX_LENGTH As Long = 3
   Global Const SQL_ASYNC_ENABLE As Long = 4
   Global Const SQL_BIND_TYPE As Long = 5
   Global Const SQL_CURSOR_TYPE As Long = 6
   Global Const SQL_CONCURRENCY As Long = 7
   Global Const SQL_KEYSET_SIZE As Long = 8
   Global Const SQL_ROWSET_SIZE As Long = 9
   Global Const SQL_SIMULATE_CURSOR As Long = 10
   Global Const SQL_RETRIEVE_DATA As Long = 11
   Global Const SQL_USE_BOOKMARKS As Long = 12
   Global Const SQL_GET_BOOKMARK As Long = 13
   Global Const SQL_ROW_NUMBER As Long = 14


   ' Statement option values & defaults
   Global Const SQL_QUERY_TIMEOUT_DEFAULT As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_MAX_ROWS_DEFAULT As Long = 0

   Global Const SQL_NOSCAN_OFF As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_NOSCAN_ON As Long = 1

   Global Const SQL_MAX_LENGTH_DEFAULT As Long = 0

   Global Const SQL_ASYNC_ENABLE_OFF As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_ASYNC_ENABLE_ON As Long = 1

   Global Const SQL_BIND_BY_COLUMN As Long = 0

   Global Const SQL_CONCUR_READ_ONLY As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_CONCUR_LOCK As Long = 2
   Global Const SQL_CONCUR_ROWVER As Long = 3
   Global Const SQL_CONCUR_VALUES As Long = 4
   Global Const SQL_CURSOR_FORWARD_ONLY As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_CURSOR_KEYSET_DRIVEN As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_CURSOR_DYNAMIC As Long = 2
   Global Const SQL_CURSOR_STATIC As Long = 3

   Global Const SQL_ROWSET_SIZE_DEFAULT As Long = 1

   Global Const SQL_KEYSET_SIZE_DEFAULT As Long = 0

   Global Const SQL_SC_NON_UNIQUE As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_SC_TRY_UNIQUE As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_SC_UNIQUE As Long = 2

   Global Const SQL_RD_OFF As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_RD_ON As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_RD_DEFAULT As Long = SQL_RD_ON

   Global Const SQL_UB_OFF As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_UB_ON As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_UB_DEFAULT As Long = SQL_UB_ON

   ' Options for SQLSetConnecToption/SQLGetConnecToption
   Global Const SQL_ACCESS_MODE As Long = 101
   Global Const SQL_AUTOCOMMIT As Long = 102
   Global Const SQL_LOGIN_TIMEOUT As Long = 103
   Global Const SQL_OPT_TRACE As Long = 104
   Global Const SQL_OPT_TRACEFILE As Long = 105
   Global Const SQL_TRANSLATE_DLL As Long = 106
   Global Const SQL_TRANSLATE_OPTION As Long = 107
   Global Const SQL_TXN_ISOLATION As Long = 108
   Global Const SQL_CURRENT_QUALIFIER As Long = 109
   Global Const SQL_CONNECT_OPT_DRVR_START As Long = 1000
   Global Const SQL_ODBC_CURSORS As Long = 110
   Global Const SQL_QUIET_MODE As Long = 111
   Global Const SQL_PACKET_SIZE As Long = 112



   ' Access mode options
   Global Const SQL_MODE_READ_WRITE As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_MODE_READ_ONLY As Long = 1

   ' Autocommit options
   Global Const SQL_AUTOCOMMIT_OFF As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_AUTOCOMMIT_ON As Long = 1

   ' Login timeout options
   Global Const SQL_LOGIN_TIMEOUT_DEFAULT As Long = 15

   ' Trace options
   Global Const SQL_OPT_TRACE_OFF As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_OPT_TRACE_ON As Long = 1

   ' Cursor options
   Global Const SQL_CUR_USE_IF_NEEDED As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_CUR_USE_ODBC As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_CUR_USE_DRIVER As Long = 2

   ' Column types and scopes in SQLSpecialColumns.
   Global Const SQL_BEST_ROWID As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_ROWVER As Long = 2

   Global Const SQL_SCOPE_CURROW As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_SCOPE_TRANSACTION As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_SCOPE_SESSION As Long = 2

   ' Level 2 Functions
   ' SQLExtendedFetch "fFetchType" values
   Global Const SQL_FETCH_NEXT As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_FETCH_FIRST As Long = 2
   Global Const SQL_FETCH_LAST As Long = 3
   Global Const SQL_FETCH_PRIOR As Long = 4
   Global Const SQL_FETCH_ABSOLUTE As Long = 5
   Global Const SQL_FETCH_RELATIVE As Long = 6
   Global Const SQL_FETCH_BOOKMARK As Long = 8

   ' SQLExtendedFetch "rgfRowStatus" element values
   Global Const SQL_ROW_SUCCESS As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_ROW_DELETED As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_ROW_UPDATED As Long = 2
   Global Const SQL_ROW_NOROW As Long = 3
   Global Const SQL_ROW_ADDED As Long = 4
   Global Const SQL_ROW_ERROR As Long = 5

   ' Defines for SQLForeignKeys (returned in result set)
   Global Const SQL_CASCADE As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_RESTRICT As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_SET_NULL As Long = 2

   ' Defines for SQLProcedureColumns (returned in the result set)
   Global Const SQL_PARAM_TYPE_UNKNOWN As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_PARAM_INPUT As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_PARAM_INPUT_OUTPUT As Long = 2
   Global Const SQL_RESULT_COL As Long = 3
   Global Const SQL_PARAM_OUTPUT As Long = 4

   ' Defines for SQLStatistics
   Global Const SQL_INDEX_UNIQUE As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_INDEX_ALL As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_ENSURE As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_QUICK As Long = 0

   ' Defines for SQLStatistics (returned in the result set)
   Global Const SQL_TABLE_STAT As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_INDEX_CLUSTERED As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_INDEX_HASHED As Long = 2
   Global Const SQL_INDEX_OTHER As Long = 3

   ' Procedures
   Global Const SQL_PT_UNKNOWN As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_PT_PROCEDURE As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_PT_FUNCTION As Long = 2

   ' Procedure columns
   Global Const SQL_PC_UNKNOWN As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_PC_NON_PSEUDO As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_PC_PSEUDO As Long = 2

   ' Defines for SQLSetPos
   Global Const SQL_ENTIRE_ROWSET As Long = 0

   Global Const SQL_POSITION As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_REFRESH As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_UPDATE As Long = 2
   Global Const SQL_DELETE As Long = 3
   Global Const SQL_ADD As Long = 4

   ' Lock options
   Global Const SQL_LOCK_NO_CHANGE As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_LOCK_EXCLUSIVE As Long = 1
   Global Const SQL_LOCK_UNLOCK As Long = 2

   ' Deprecated global constants
   Global Const SQL_DATABASE_NAME As Long = 16
   Global Const SQL_CC_DELETE As Long = SQL_CB_DELETE
   Global Const SQL_CR_DELETE As Long = SQL_CB_DELETE
   Global Const SQL_CC_CLOSE As Long = SQL_CB_CLOSE
   Global Const SQL_CR_CLOSE As Long = SQL_CB_CLOSE
   Global Const SQL_FETCH_RESUME As Long = 7
   Global Const SQL_SCROLL_FORWARD_ONLY As Long = 0
   Global Const SQL_SCROLL_KEYSET_DRIVEN As Long = -1
   Global Const SQL_SCROLL_DYNAMIC As Long = -2
   Global Const SQL_SCROLL_STATIC As Long = -3

Here is code to open a connection :
NB : SignalIt is a call to msgbox.

Sub InitFulcrumStuff()

   Dim rc, res

   rc = SQLAllocEnv(henv)
   If rc <> 0 Then res = SignalIt((rc), "SQLAlloc")
   rc = SQLAllocConnect(henv, hdbc)
   If rc <> 0 Then res = SignalIt((rc), "SQLAllocConnect")
   connectStringIn = "DSN=" + gsTheLocalSrc
   rc = SQLDriverConnect(hdbc, hWnd, connectStringIn, SQL_NTS, ConnectStringOut, LenB(ConnectStringOut), cbCSOut, SQL_DRIVER_NOPROMPT)
   If rc <> 0 Then res = SignalIt((rc), "SQLDriverConnect")
   rc = SQLAllocStmt(hdbc, hStmt)
   If rc <> 0 Then res = SignalIt((rc), "SQLAllocStmt")
   SQLstr = "set format_text 'stream'"
   rc = SQLExecDirect(hStmt, SQLstr, Len(SQLstr))
   If rc <> 0 Then res = SignalIt((rc), "SQLExecDirect format_text")
   SQLstr = "set show_matches 'FALSE'"
   rc = SQLExecDirect(hStmt, SQLstr, Len(SQLstr))
   If rc <> 0 Then res = SignalIt((rc), "SQLExecDirect show_matches")
   SQLstr = "set MAX_SEARCH_ROWS 50"
   rc = SQLExecDirect(hStmt, SQLstr, Len(SQLstr))
   If rc <> 0 Then res = SignalIt((rc), "SQLExecDirect MAX_SEARCH_ROWS")
   'SQLstr = "set show_gr 'TRUE'"
   'rc = SQLExecDirect(hStmt, SQLstr, Len(SQLstr))
   'If rc <> 0 Then res = SignalIt((rc), "SQLExecDirect show_gr")
   rc = SQLFreeStmt(hStmt, SQL_CLOSE)
   If rc <> 0 Then res = SignalIt((rc), "SQLFreeStmt")

End Sub


The declaration part is good, it is basically what I have in my code except for the "as long" part.  The sample code you gave shows CONNECT which I am not having any problems with.  Also the SQLExecDirect commands you gave is specific to a database, not sure which database you are using, Oracle set commands?  

My issue is Binding columns and setting the array size, if you look at my sample code the app works for fields that are DOUBLE but not CHAR?  I believe it has something to do with how string or string arrays are declared in VB versus C.

If you have any sample VB 5.0 programs that uses SQLBindCol or uses any kind of string arrays via ODBC that would be excellent!

I have to search.
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Array of bytes work great, thanks a million!!!

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