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where is excel icon located?

elfie asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-29
I'm looking for the file in which the "BIG BLUE X" icon for excel is residing. I checked "excel.exe", but this particular icon is not found in this file.

Can anybody indicate in which file this icon van be found ?
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I don't have the excel.exe file, but I'm quite sure that the icon must be in this file somewhere. How did you check it?

Regards, Madshi.


on the shortcut bar, you can choose properties, and then 'change icon'
if you then browse to the excel.exe file, a number of icons are chown, but not the one i want.

Is there any other way of checking the icons in a program file (or other file types?)

Somehow windows doesn't show all icons the way you check it. I could send you a little (215 KB) program that shows really ALL icons.
Give me your eMail if you want it.

Which version of excel??
The big blue x is included in the excel 97 executable file!

c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Short Bar\Office

All of your Office shortcuts reside here

They are not looking for the shortcut, they want the ICON for Excel.

elfie, reject the answer if you agree!
The large X on its own is and alternative representation of the icon to be displayed on the menu etc.  Drag the excel shortcut from the programs folder(or straight off the menu if you have explorer 4 or 98) to the desktop and you will see the icon change from the big x to the x with a doc behind that you see in the excel.exe file.
To get your hands on this "hidden" icon try Microangelo, available at:


For rowland,

I'm looking for the icon, not the shortcuts.

I will try 'daverolfe' proposal. (What he describes is exactlyt what happens when i drag & drop the icon.)

(This question is a part of a question i asked in the 'windows- setup' question list)


For Madshi: If your program is able to show the icons, how can it be used to modify items on the desktop? Can it be downloaded from a website?

For Daverolfe:
I downloaded the prog, and checked Excel.exe. It seems that each icon appears in two or more forms inside the program.
Now inside Excel I see 13 icon-names (excel001 upto excel013),
and behind each iconname, a number of icons are located.
I now assume that explorer take the first icons out of first icon group, and the shortcut bar take the last icon of the first icon group. If this is the case, how can i change the order in each icon group?
How can i tell the shortcut bar to take the correct icon out of an icon group?


Can anybody explain what the reason is that when you first install Office 97, you have a big blue X as icon on the shortcutbar, but that you are unable to choose this icon yourself?

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Thanks daverolfe.(will grade in a few days, i keep it open for the next related question)

Anybody have an answer to this related question? (additional point 100 will be given)

Can anybody explain what the reason is that when you first install Office 97, you have a big blue X as icon on the shortcutbar, but that you are unable to choose this icon yourself? Which setting (registry, ini, ...) is responsible for this?

Is this not the same question? the answer being that programs store alternative representations of icons for different purposes and only some of these are available to the user through the change icon dialogue, the only alternative being to use a third party icon editor such as I recommended above.

Hopes this is clear?

Dave Rolfe


"my" program does the same as Microangelo does, so if you have downloaded Microangelo already then you don't need my program anymore.

Regards, Madshi.

i think the current question is how come you can get the big blue X on your shortcut, but that u can't choose this yourself.

this isn't a registry setting or anything, but a way that the icons are arranged (i think) please correct me if i am wrong.

some icons are 16x16 pixels icons, which are pretty small and appear in the taskbar and start bar and shortcut. some are 32x32 icons.. these are the larger ones that you see as icons on the desktop and large icons in my computer or explorer.

so anyways, when you are choosing an icon, you are only allowed to browse through the large ones. i think windows can shrink large icons to small icons, but cannot expand small icons into large icons.

so when you use microangelo, you can view both, and also those in different colours as well.

does this answer your question?

Speed54Sales Representative

have you checked in the windows subdirectory called shellnew? the icon can sometimes be found there...


to speed_54, checked it but it's not there.

All icons are inside excel.exe but depending on some options only a few can be viewed with normal software.(microangelo shows them all).

daverolfe. thanks for pointer to microangelo
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