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partition table reports conflicting sector numbers

liyang asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-04
recently, i've been running PartitionMagic a lot. however, whenever i run it now, it refuses to recognise my first hard disk, giving an error #110, something about the partition table reports conflicting sector numbers. basically, i think i need to fix my partition table, but how?!?, i've only got Norton Utilities 95, and it wont handle fat32 partitions
ps, i've got 3 primary partitions on that hd,
#1 FAT32 c: drive
#2 extended
#   logical drive e: on the extended
i don't suppose the NTFS partition is causing the problem?!?
scandisk doesn't detect a problem (although it only checks logical drives), and fdisk doesnt complain either.
i dont suppose anyone else has had similar problems?
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I'm assuming you have a dual boot pc with 95 and NT...Your boot partition can not be Fat32 with NT cause NT wont see it and therefore wont be able to boot...likewise under 95 it wont see the NTFS partition.


excuse moi? that was *not* the question i asked. i want to know how to fix my partition table! i know well enough that i cant boot nt with a fat32 active primary partition. the only reason i kept the nt partition is that there's stuff on it i want! so read the question properly before you propose an answer!
now, could someone please answer my question.

Not with that snotty attitude I wont.


i do not have an attitude and i most certainly am not snotty. i was just a bit annoyed at the fact that sgenther gave me an answer (instead of a comment) which was totally irrelevant to my question. the problem is that i cant resize my hard drive because partition magic says there's a problem with my partition table.

Well excuse me! You can always reject an answer (as you did) and move on. And maybe if you didnt use such clugy bull**** you wouldnt have these problems.
Can you go on Internet and download nuts and bolts from McAfee website and run this util it should fix your problem or scandisk for windows 98

On your FAT32 partition, I guess you are running 95 or 98? Have you considered redoing the whole partition? I mean saving what you want and then reformatting and reloading everything? Just a thought, sounds like the drive is very badly fragmented. By the way, have you run defrag on that partition?



well, i suppose i could reformat the whole drive, as soon as i get my new hd, but that's going to take another few weeks at least, and i dont really want to go through the hassle of backing the stuff up. (the reason i wanted to resize my hard drive was so that i can reinstall Office, but that can wait)

unfortunately, FAT32 is not supportable by NT, although it is with 95. In NT, you can format partitions without doing the whole drive. This can be done in disk administrator.
Here's something that'll get your disk going:

Boot on a floppy


That's going to repair your Master Boot Record.  

Good luck from then on.  Make sure you know where everything is on your partitions.  I hope this helps.  Make sure one of your partitions is still flagged startable.


graham: actually, i've already tried that. fdisk /mbr only restores the code that boots the active partition, not the partition table data. so it wont work anyway. i'm probably eventually going to reformat the drive anyway, but i was hoping that i could fix it without doing that.
You are in deep ****. I hate fat32. There are no utilities to help in a time of need. I would never run it--and your problem is a perfect why...If you were running fat16 you would have a couple options, but with fat32 the only thing you can do is reformat. One thing you can do is trying to use a norton rescue disk if you have one. Better yet, see if you can convert it back to fat16 and use Norton to fix the table. Maybe all you have is a virus?


actually, thanks everyone. i eventually downloaded a ntfs driver from www.sysinternals.com and took a copy of all the stuff i wanted off my ntfs partition, then i just deleted it. PartitionMagic stopped complaining after that. i guess the extended partition somehow overlapped the ntfs partition, but since i hardly ever use that drive, the ntfs partition was never messed up.
now i'll just have to wait for nt5 to be released before i can install nt again.


ps: the thing i was afraid of was if the primary partition overlapped the extended one - then i'd be in deep ****! ^_^


glad to see you got it working. I have never seen the primary overlap the extended, but there is always a first time. take care

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eh, note - i dont actually want to use nt anymore - got it xtra cheap through my school.
btw - thought you couldnt boot NT with a fat32 active primary? (unless i install boot manager or something) or am i missing something? anyway, even if i install nt, i cant access my fat32 partitions - unless i pay for the read/write version of FAT32 for NT at www.sysinternals.com, which i cant be bothered to do.

anyone reading this - everything's fixed - dont reply to this message anymore! - just to ensure this - you can have the points Otta.
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