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Simple.  Just want info for C

hansell asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-15
I have previously only had dealings in pascal, and am anxious to learn a powerful language that will allow for modem-game creation.  I figure, my main 3 choices are pascal, c, or c++ (which i still am not aware of the diff. between c and c++)

If someone could tell me:

Why is c more powerful than pascal?  Will it be an appropriate language for a modem-game to be created in? (nothing graphics intensive)  And if so, what compilers are the 'standard' or what should i be looking for in a good compiler?
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what a loaded question you picked.  everyone will have their favorites.  If you choose pascal use Delphi (thats borland's implementation of pascal (they own the language)).

powerful:  thats a question that depends on context.  What is your definition of powerful?
is it performance?  is it based on relaxed rules?  

in general c is much more lax than pascal....  does that make it more powerful?  it might, but it depends on what you mean when you say powerful...


I geuss what i'm going after is that it seams to me that no major developing companies ever release major programs written in Pascal. (I haven't really researched this, but have come across programs that have been written in C, that are very impressive)  And games like the ever popular Quake, was written in a C variant.  This just made my mind think that something obviously has to be better about it?  

I guess i'm really looking for the best language to write a simple 2d game that will me modem capable.  I suppose pascal and c could both easily carry the load, but i geuss i'm also looking for the language that will best serve me in the future.  Seems to me that C has quite a big future ahead of it?  Yes?  No?
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C (or C++) are frequently the language of choice for performance intensive applications because C supports "low-level" manipulation of hardware. For instance C supports bitwise operations directly in the language. It also directly supports pointers to memory areas. The increment operator also frequently saves CPU cycles. In addition, many C compilers support in line assembly language. These things can add up to a substantial difference if used properly. And this was part of C's original mandate. C was created as a demonstration that an operating system (a very performance sensitive program!) could be written in a high-level language (as opposed to assembler in which it had always been done before).
Pascal, on the other hand, was created to be a teaching language; to encourage proper coding technique by, at least in part, not providing the opportunity to do things the "wrong" way.

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